Tron hard fork is coming! Will you get free coins?

A lot is going on at Tron lately. They acquired Bittorrent and started the BTT marketing campaign, including the BitTorrent Airdrop and numerous trading competitions.

We now see that Tron is getting ready for a major fundamental upgrade, which will be implemented after the Tron hard fork.

Will there be free coins involved?

The Tron Hard fork (TRX)

tron hardfork

Tomorrow on February 28th, Blockchain platform Tron will deploy code upgrades via a hard fork.

Tron, which presents itself as a competitor to Ethereum (ETH) for launching tokens and other offerings on their platform, is preparing itself for institutional use.

According to Sun, the hard fork will deliver institution-handling capabilities, as well as other features such as multi-signature abilities and account management options.

Increasing performance is a high priority while Tron is gaining users and more dApps are getting build on the platform.

Will there be free coins?

At this time, there is no news on free coins with the hard fork. Even though Tron isn’t shy to give away a few airdrops at strategic times, this hard fork is not one of those cases.

Hard forks are a condition that occurs in an open blockchain whereby the state of the blockchain diverges into two states.

There is only an opportunity for free coins when both chains (the old & the new) get support from miners and the community, like we have previously seen with Bitcoin Cash.

Will there be other Tron airdrops?

Airdrop Alert

Without a doubt, there will be more Tron airdrops.

Justin Sun is very familiar with the concept of airdrops. He has used it in the past and is continuously using it to promote BitTorrent until 2025. Therefor we can assume he will use the airdrop strategy in the future.

The real question is, when will there be a new Tron airdrop?

Let’s ask Justin soon.



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