SwissBorg: two apps or not two apps?

Ask anyone, What’s really cool about blockchain and crypto? And some might answer, These two have unlocked and demonstrated the magic of decentralization to the world! Of course — but let’s not forget that it also feels like Satoshi Nakamoto has paved the way for out-of-the-box thinking.

In this piece dedicated to SwissBorg, we will talk about what has happened to the world with the influx of visionaries that combine creativity with crypto.

Meet SwissBorg…

SwissBorg is a Lausanne-based company that has raised $51,000,000 in an ICO, January 2018, which sounds impressive by the European standards, doesn’t it?

Unwittingly, such an amount of money begs the philosophical question, What kind of project can raise 51 million? Well, actually, the project that pursues the trend and adds to it a grain of imagination.

The SwissBorg community app was developed (and recently released) with the sole purpose, to build a clique around one more product, the Wealth app. This other app is about to see the light in September 2019.

So, yes, we’ve actually have got 2 products in one review instead of one!

But all in due time.

The SwissBorg community app

This is the community app you can download to make contact with SwissBorg. And this is what the first window will look like.

If you know a little bit more about the project, every element on that screen starts making sense.

First of all, come to grips with the fact that this is basically the prediction app with several gamification elements.

Before you proceed to the screen up above, you have to make a prediction on the Bitcoin (BTC) price, whether it will go up or down.

Should your prophecy get fulfilled over the period of the following 24 hours, you will gain 200 points.

Based on your points, you will get assigned with the specific ranking, 94 in my case, which you can use to get access to this other Wealth app.

And this is where things start getting interesting.

This other app, or SwissBorg Wealth

Begin with the screen from the community app, given down below.

Yes, it is still the screen from the first app, but it already intersects with the one the buzz is all about.

See the prize pool with a total of $2 456? This is exactly the fishing lure that is supposed to attract your attention to the other product, the Wealth app.

With every person joining the community app, the system automatically adds one dollar to the prize pool in the Wealth app – the cost of a man’s life is not high, right? 🙂 – and incentivizes you to really looking forward to the launch event of this second app. Because the max amount of money is $500K, as good as 500K people.

Depending on your ranking in the community app, you will get a smaller or bigger amount of money to spend for your first investment on the Wealth app.

It sort of sounds like a Bitcoin airdrop because you can receive BTC for fulfilling small tasks. And that’s why we’ve listed the SwissBorg airdrop on our platform.

But this investment focus finally brings me to the point. The Wealth app is all about investment in crypto.

Just like with ETFs, you can buy thematic investment indexes, only in crypto, and wait for the market to grow.

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