Who will benefit from using Aussie Digital?

Are you a small to medium-sized online shop?

Then, you are probably interested in the solutions that Aussie Digital offers to overcome the following hurdles.

Primarily, you must be looking for a ready-to-use E-commerce interface, somewhat like Amazon. However, even better in a way that it will not only accept fiat but also crypto.

Secondarily, it would be nice to have a social media channel where sellers and their new buyers could get connected, wouldn’t it?

Besides, if a big factory doesn’t supply to your family business due to the MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement, you need a solution. Namely, a B2B platform to help small enterprises build groups with other like-minded members who want to buy the same products.

Did you get the hint?

Aussie Digital is about to become an ecosystem to accumulate all of the aforementioned features. Plus, like if it wasn’t enough, they will have a built-in exchange, to immediately trade fiat for crypto.

Let’s take a closer look at the business model Aussie Digital offers to its customers.

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[1] Tradezy

So now you might wonder why you should go with Aussie Digital’s Tradezy, if there are Amazon and eBay out there.

Well, of course, while using these giant platforms for your business, you get access to international markets, relatively easy payment options, lower promotion expenses.

And yet, with these giants, you have to factor in promoting your store for increased traffic and conversion. Plus, there is this need to all the bureaucratic processes, multiple fees for registration and transactions.

On the other hand, Tradezy is supposed to make your life easier in this particular context.

While using the platform, customers will get discounts and offers on using AUDcoins, the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

Plus, the platform is built in such a way that it might brand and localize your product.

According to the Aussie Digital website,

Tradezy will offer a generous rewards program to help promote its e-tail community. This program will be done at no expense to the e-tailer and offer great incentives to the shopper. The more you shop the more you earn. Shopper rewards will be paid in AUDcoin to introduce newcomers to this new way of shopping which can be redeemed at the shoppers’ leisure.

[2] Chatezy

Above everything else, the Aussie Digital team hasn’t forgotten about one more important component of generating traffic -dopamine.

Their social media channel Chatezy should help buyers and sellers network. On the social platform, it will also be possible to make groups and communities, to chat about products they like.

To put the functionality to good use, you should simply import contacts from other platforms. You should involve with new people and let them know about events you’re about to host.

[3] B2B

Say, you’re a small business. What’s the biggest challenge you need to overcome? OK, not the biggest, but maybe one of the significant ones?

Big factories refuse to transport their goods across the borders, not in bulk. It’s called MOQs, or minimum order quantity.

So, yes, this situation creates huge barrier in the entry of small and family businesses. To eliminate these issues, the Aussie Digital B2B platform will help small businesses create communities or groups where like-minded members will unite to purchase the products in the mass.

[4] AUDcoin

While utilizing Tradezy, the e-commerce platform mentioned up above, users will be able to use either AUDcoin, or another crypto, or fiat, to facilitate payments.

Interestingly, there will be a specific escrow account that will allow buyers to receive the product and give a piece of positive feedback before sellers grab a hold of their money.

Liquidity-wise, you will be able to exchange the AUDcoin on the ecosystem’s native exchange.

Token info:

Coin Type: ERC20 Hybrid Staking Token, Total Supply: 25 billion, AUDCoin Price: $0.01

Post Scriptum

Yes. Aussie Digital is the whole ecosystem that will consist of several layers.

  1. The E-commerce platform Tradezy for those who are about to create their online shop.
  2. The social media channel Chatezy.
  3. The B2B community, where businesses can build groups to purchase goods in bulk.
  4. And of course a crypto exchange.

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