AirdropAlert Recap week 13

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Highlights Airdrop Giveaway

  • This week, approximately $10 from Top Airdrops & Tokens
  • 5 Year Airdrop Anniversary Celebration – Another Giveaway!
  • SwissBorg, a new way to earn Crypto
  • New trend, IEOs, which is an ICO on an Exchange


Top Airdrops

SwissBorg LogoSwissBorg (CHSB)

10 FCC Tokens ~ $19,00 USD

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AirdropAlert Logo

HYPE Giveaway by AirdropAlert 

185 DIO Points ~ $11,00 USD

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Hubi Round 4 (HUB)

1600 InBit Tokens ~ $18,40 USD

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PlannerScape Logo

PlannerScape (PLAN)

10 Canadian Dollars ~ $8 USD

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Relex Logo

Relex (RLX)

50 PUX Tokens ~ $3 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

Picture Blog 1

Most valuable Airdrops ever are summed up in this article.

The peak value of 6 giveaways have been reported to be valued over $500,000 USD.

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Picture Blog 2

Have you got news to share?

AirdropAlert’s News Feed keeps the community up to date, you can submit your own News as well!

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Picture Blog 3

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) is another way to conduct an ICO.

The crowdfunding strategy is hosted by an exchange. This article shows which exchanges are joining.

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Picture Blog 4

Five Colors Group started developing games since 2012.

The Hong Kong-based company is looking to implement tokenomics. They will use it to complement their RNG expertise.

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Bounty of the Week

Logo Highbank

The Highbank Bounty Campaign is managed by Highbank.

HighBank is a global ICO financing, consulting company which is also operating as an exchange. As a result, Highbank is a diverse company.



Checkmark – Bounty Budget: $2,000,000 in HIGH Tokens
Checkmark – 1 HIGH = $1,00 USD
Checkmark – Bounty duration: March 14th – end of ICO


Go to HighBank Bounty



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