The US SEC has just reminded token holders, they’re unprotected

December 11, 2018

If you want to join an airdrop or invest in an ICO next year, most likely, you will have to KYC for every new project. Time and again. Time and again. Time and again. How so? The SEC has just given token holders one more reason to take law into consideration.

Summing up the work the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has accomplished in 2018, its chairman Jay Clayton stated that distributed ledger technology, digital assets and initial coin offerings (ICOs) relate to an area where…

“…there is substantially less investor protection than in the traditional equities and fixed income markets, with correspondingly greater opportunities for fraud and manipulation.”

The Chairman also added, the Commission will, expectedly, continue the trend. Check out the CoinTelegraph article to read more about the $50,000 fine against CoinAlpha Advisors, a digital asset fund.

Going back to plain English, what Mr. Clayton has, basically, said is this. The amount of paper work an investor has to deal with next year, will significantly increase.

As ICOs get compliant with the current regulation, you will be more protected, for one thing. For the other, complicated verification procedures will take more of your time.

The real present question is, is there something you can do like now, to stay protected and, yet, get rid of the paper work in the future?

Indeed, you can! The part of the paper work on the regular users’ side can be reduced. Especially if this user is an AirdropAlert’s user.

Together with Civic we have arranged a fun KYC verification involving QR-codes, a smart cam technology and cool options you get unlocked once you play the KYC game on Which cool options? You will need to only KYC once, to take part in our exclusive airdrops in the future!

What we like about Civic is that they store our personal information only on our mobile devices, protected by biometrics and encrypted. At no point in the process do they ever share our valuable data with their partners!

Are you not convinced and still thinking, “It’s the American Commission, why do I care about the developments in that country?” Recall the old saying, “When America sneezes the world catches cold.” Get rid of the pain in the neck like now, KYC once to receive multiple exclusive airdrops on our platform! And, of course, get ready to invest only in those ICOs that get compliant with the current regulations.

Yes, I want to feel safe and KYC with!


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