Rollbit NFT Casino: Spin a Wheel to Win BAYC & CryptoPunks

June 17, 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gradually becoming a popular investment vehicle for all types of investors. Despite a bear market, some NFT enthusiasts flock toward DeGen NFT projects or free mints to diversify their crypto portfolio. Others are looking for utility-based NFT protocols like Rollbit to participate in the ever-growing NFT market.  

Rollbit – The NFT Casino Making Millions

Rollbit is among the leading and most popular NFT casinos, with over $5 billion wagered on their casino games. The project went live in February 2020 and now hosts several in-house games like Rollercoaster, X-Roulette, X-Crash, and X-Flip. The NFT casino has over 60 third-party games, including slots, roulette, live casino, and blackjack.

Rollbit has a lucrative rewards program with over 70% 2of the house edge redistributed among the casino players. Rollbit also conducts Bonus Battles where players can purchase a Bonus Buy and compete to win the entire pooled balance. Moreover, players can enhance the excitement of playing an NFT casino game by organizing challenges with high multipliers and bet amounts.

Besides offering attractive rewards, Rollbit is one of the first crypto casinos to launch its NFT collection – Rollbots. 

Rollbots – Rollbit’s First NFT Collection

Rollbots is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Rollbot is a unique NFT minted from a random combination of 180 traits resembling a Pixar-style digital robot. Rollbot holders have earned more than $27 million in the first five months, apart from getting extra perks on Rollbit NFT casino. Rollbot owners also get to put up their Rollbots ar PFP NFTs for a special status in the NFT community.

Each Rollbot has seven properties with varying rarity levels and corresponding utilities:

  • Body: It helps calculate the Rollback, an additional Rakeback of 2.5%-10%, reserved exclusively for Rollbot owners. A ‘Solid Gold’ Rollbot body earns the highest Rakeback of 55%.
  • Hat: It determines the NFT Marketplace profit share for Rollbot holders. NFT owners can also stake their Rollbots on the marketplace to earn RLB tokens. The NFT marketplace distributes 50% of the profits to stakers.  
  • Clothes: It fixes the revenue percentage when a user creates an NFT Lootbox. 
  • Eyes: It determined the amount of RLB tokens that Rollbit airdropped to Rollbot holders in December 2021. 
  • Ears: It impacts the RLB Lottery multiplier, with rarer ears increasing the chances of winning the lottery. The ‘Gold Wing’ ears are the rarest, with a 5.20x multiplier on the staked RLB in the lottery.  
  • Background and Teeth: These traits do not have any utility yet, but they might be coming soon. 

Sports Rollbots – The Second NFT Collection from Rollbit

Sports Rollbots is a set of 10,000 programmatically generated ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network. Each Sports Rollbot is minted from 600 random traits and provides exclusive access to Rollbit’s sportsbook business. When Sports Rollbot holders bet on a sport that matches the corresponding token’s sport, they can earn extra rewards. 

Each Sports Rollbot has unique properties with different utilities and benefits for users:

  • Background: It calculates the amount of RLB tokens each Sports Rollbot holder gets. Rollbit airdropped five billion RLB tokens to Sports Rollbot holders with a maximum reward of one million RLB depending on background rarity. 
  • Teeth: It determines the parlay multiplier where Sports Rollbot holders can include multiple wagers in a bet. These accumulator bets, known as Combo Boosts, facilitate bigger wins for rarer teeth quality.   
  • Eyes: It fixes the number of free bets, with rarer eyes rewarding higher free bets. The total amount of free bets for each Sports Rollbot holder ranges from $240-$12,000 annually. 
  • Body: It determines the SportShare (profit share) across different sports categories and when Sports Rollbots match their sports. Every Sports Rollbot holder earns a 10% SportShare additional 30% when a sport corresponds. 

Grab Your NFT Lootboxes

Rollbit NFT casino has introduced NFT Lootboxes for all Rollbot holders to earn a commission by designing their own game. A Rollbot holder needs to stake their Rollbot to create their NFT Lootbox with Rollbots or other NFTs/cash as prizes. The minimum win probability is 0.001%, with the price to open the Lootbox depending on the cost of its contents.

Check out this epic video of a guy winning a Bored Ape with his spin: Youtube

Spin and win a BAYC, Koda (otherside) or Lazy Lion

The maximum price of an NFT Lootbox is $50,000, and players can receive a maximum payout of $1 million. Initially, players could only list items in the Lootbox from the Rollbit NFT marketplace. But now, they can list any NFT collection from OpenSea with a decent volume and floor price. In fact, players are now winning Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks NFTs from their NFT Lootboxes. 

Buy Your NFTs at the Rollbit NFT Marketplace

The Rollbit NFT marketplace is a gasless platform for purchasing NFTs with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Solana (SOL). Rollbit users can also get the listed NFT at a fraction of the price by leveraging the marketplace betting feature. Buyers can customize their win probability (0.001% to 100%) with the cost to spin depending on the likelihood and value of NFT. 

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Take Your NFT Loans from Rollbit

Rollbit users can avail of 7-day loans at zero interest and no platform charges by using their NFTs as collateral. Although loans up to $10,000 are available instantly, higher-value loans require contacting the support team. If borrowers default, their collateralized NFTs are automatically listed for sale on Rollbit NFT Marketplace.

Win NFTs and Cash at NFT Jackpot

Rollbit has introduced a new game called the NFT Jackpot, where users get a chance to win the entire pool of NFTs and cash. The player with the most expensive NFTs and more money in the pool has a higher chance of winning the NFT Jackpot. Each NFT Jackpot round happens after mining fifty Ethereum blocks (approximately 10 minutes).  

Take a Chance to Win the RLB Lottery 

Rollbit has its own utility token called RLB on the Solana blockchain that doubles as entry tickets for the RLB Lottery. Users need to stake their RLB tokens for participating in the lottery, which takes place after every 100 Bitcoin blocks. Rollbit charges a 0.20% staking fee distributed to Rollbit stakers at the start of the month. 

So, start spinning your wheel at the Rollbit NFT casino and get a chance to win exclusive NFTs and cash prizes.  Goodluck!

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