Move to Earn: Now Earn Crypto to Get Fit

I feel you if you ever paid a trainer 77% of your salary on the first day of New Year. You were highly motivated to turn your life 180 degrees. We’ve all been there. Turned out to be a bad investment, didn’t it? Let’s change that for the better. 

Today we are here to talk about making money by spending money on the evergreen and overweight concern of exercise! So, let’s get to the good part and understand how to make money and not stay fat, dumb, or poor.

Do you know any better way to stack Ethereum during a bear market? Get fit and earn crypto!

What Is Move-To-Earn?

Crypto innovators know we are all fat fucks who need both money and muscle. So, brilliantly enough, they put the two together. The exclusive move-to-earn feature is simplistically the clone of play-to-earn (P2E). Just that the former “play” part can be accomplished only in a ‘realverse’.

In simple terms, move-to-earn platforms offer crypto rewards to their users for staying fit. This, in turn, also allows the user to unlatch an additional revenue stream by participating in physical activities or by participating in fitness challenges. 

But there’s a catch. There is always that ‘but’.

While these platforms aim to incentivize fitness and reduce health problems like obesity, they also require users to first make an in-app purchase of their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to start their fitness and crypto journey. However, many would argue that it is a small price to pay for what may turn into a long-term investment. Besides, it’s a great way to get the obvious benefits of exercise and earn crypto at the same time. 

Eminent M2E Crypto Projects

There are several move to earn crypto projects in the market. Nevertheless, most of them went obscure at the beginning. The one name that set the move-to-earn crypto trend is StepN. Launched by FindSatoshi Lab Ltd, the idea of StepN became the third runner-up at last year’s Solana Ignition hackathon. It went live late last year and supported both iOS and Android. 

Based on the Solana, StepN focuses on GPS-tracked movement. Based on this data about a user’s movement, StepN rewards crypto to them. However, users must first purchase StepN’s Sneaker NFTs using their Solana (SOL) tokens to begin their crypto fitness journey. 

On one hand, there are sneaker NFTs that earn more in-game crypto — the Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) per unit energy spent. On the other, there are more durable options, i.e., they are cheaper to “repair”. Furthermore, users can upgrade these digital sneakers depending on the change in physical activity like walking, jogging, or running. Additionally, the app also comes embedded with a penalty feature titled moonwalking. You know, just in case you wish to unleash your golden retriever in the park while strapping your phone to the poor guy? Remember, if you get caught, you will be the poor guy, by that, I mean literally poor. 

Another one:

While StepN is merely based on foot movement, another move-to-earn app that has caught the attention of users is Heathfi, which became the first project to bring all sport models into an application and blockchain integration concept. Healthfi is based on the BNB Chain and supports physical activities such as running, jumping, or cycling. In light of this, its NFTs are also linked to the activities including digital Jump Ropes, Sneakers, Smart Watches, Bikes, etc. 

Since the pandemic has almost ended and the world is opening up, we need to accept that people will see our fat asses along with that hanging belly. So, before your office opens up and you don’t even minusculely resemble your resume photograph, start moving and use it as a side hustle to earn that extra buck. Because my friend, rent nowadays is even beyond your denial about that unhealthy lifestyle. And we cannot afford either, staying in denial or staying at a decent apartment in NYC. 

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