Make More ETH with Free Mints NFTs – Here’s How

It’s mid-2022 and we are witnessing a full-blown bear market. Leading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether are down by 20% while several altcoins have shed more than 90% of their value. There hasn’t been much trust in the market lately. 

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index has hit its all-time low, showing extreme fear among investors. Moreover, blockchain activity is decreasing. DeFi’s TVL has reduced by more than 50% as funds migrated off-chain and back to traditional resources. Gas fees have also been unimaginably low, even on Ethereum. 

Yet, NFTs have been undisturbed and normal. The bear market hasn’t affected NFTs much. Several NFT projects have even raised floor prices due to match increasing demands. So much so that the next NFT Summer might well be around the corner. And this is the time for free mints and degen bets, some of which are going to the moon.

What are Free Mints? What’s Their Value?

People often believe that free stuff isn’t valuable. Maybe they were correct once but not anymore. NFTs have changed the game with free mints. This process lets you mint NFTs for free, paying only the gas fees. It’s different from airdrops, though, where NFTs are directly and automatically deposited to your wallet. 

The best thing about these mints is that they help you make a lot of ETH. You can think of this as their hidden value or potential. Let’s demonstrate with the recent example of the collection. 

Goblin Town NFTs launched as free mints on OpenSea. Initially, people mostly ignored the project, as usual, and it didn’t receive enough attention. But soon, when the bear markets set in and the team launched innovative Twitter spaces, everything changed rapidly. The gibberish-speaking community became a hit by making weird noises. It took Twitter by storm, becoming immensely popular thereafter. 

The project’s total volume has skyrocketed to around 29,800 ETH. Its current floor is 3.84 ETH. And so far, the most expensive goblin happened on LooksRare for 77.75 ETH, involving a unique orc NFT. The Goblins hit an all-time high floor of around 9 ETH.

Those who got in on the free mints benefitted the most, of course. Seeing this, the industry has awoken to the potential of free mints. People are now flocking to collect every last bit of free mints available to make their ETH fortune. 

Another example is “We are all going to die“, or WAGDIE, which reached a 1.8 ETH floor just a few days after their free mint.

Finding Free Mints – The Right Way

Several NFT projects are readily available for minting. But mostly, you must have a minimum amount in your wallet to gain access. And minting your favorite NFT isn’t usually cheap, with prices ranging between $1000 and $100,000. It even costs millions at times, which most people can’t afford even in their wildest dreams. 

Enter free mints. You still have to pay for gas but that’s usually nothing compared to the above figures. It’s a few dollars at best, even when there’s massive network congestion. You can basically get a premium NFT by skipping one McDonald’s Happy Meal.

There’s one challenge, though. You need to catch free mints on time and this calls for the right set of tools. But there’s so much noise around NFTs these days that’s easy to get lost amidst fancy but useless tools. You might even fall prey to scams while trying to make free NFTs.

Thankfully, however, has got you covered. It’s the most secure, reliable, and updated way to keep track of upcoming or ongoing free mints. Simply head over to the list of trending projects and check out the ones offering free mints. The platform also has a premium edition for those looking to unlock more alpha with detailed insights, statistics, and more. That’s like tracking free mints in God Mode.

Win a Crypto Punk

Not completely free, but at a low cost, you can win a Crypto Punk or Bored Ape (BAYC) at the new NFT casino “Rollbit”. You can spin a lootbox to win prizes that include the most expensive NFTs to date. This box below allows you to spin for a chance to win a Punk and other cash prizes, for just $2.

You can create an account here, or click the image below to start spinning.

Neither Bulls Nor Bears Can Stop NFTs 

NFTs are unique assets. The negative sentiments prevailing in broader crypto markets don’t affect them, perhaps due to their inherent value. Rather, NFTs often rise when ordinary cryptocurrencies fall. 

NFTs are evergreen, whether the market is bullish or bearish. This is also something that lets you take the full benefit out of free mints, particularly in bear markets when gas fees are low. 

The situation is like this now, so don’t miss out. You are lucky to have discovered free mints early. It’d be unwise to not make the most out of this opportunity. Get started with free cheap mints and keep following us for the latest updates. 

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