How to Create an IOST Wallet [Step-by-Step Guide]

In one of our previous blog posts we talked about IOST: what it is, how it works, and what kind of wallets it offers. In today’s guide we’ll show you how to create an IOST wallet so you can store your coins. But first, let’s talk a little about IOST wallets.

IOST wallets

IOST offers two types of wallets: A Web wallet called iWallet Chrome, and Mobile wallets such as:

  • TokenPocket Wallet
  • COBO Wallet
  • Huobi Wallet
  • PureWallet

In this guide, we’ll focus on creating a web IOST wallet, aka iWallet Chrome. You can do that in two easy steps. Let me show you how.

Create IOST Mainnet Account

First, you’ll have to create an IOST Mainnet Account, which is completely free. You can do that through this link: This will take you to the IOSTABC page. It looks like this:

Now, you can create your new account in four easy steps:

  1. Click on Auto Generate
  2. Choose your account name
  3. Clear reCAPTCHA
  4. Click on Create Account

That’s it, you’re all set. Now it is time for the second part of this guide: Creating an iWallet for desktop users. Ready?

Import Mainnet Account to iWallet

Firstly, you’ll have to download IOST Chrome iWallet plug-in on your Chrome web browser. You can do that through this link:

After you do that search for the IOST icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Did you find it? Great. Here are the following steps:

  1. You’ll have to set your password, which should be longer than 8 digits
  2. Next, you’ll have to fill in account private key
  3. After that, click on the Return button

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created an IOST wallet. You can give yourself a pat on the back.

What’s next?

Once you create an IOST wallet you get access to different IOST Dapps. You can explore them and see if there’s anything interesting to you. According to the IOST website, more Dapps will be launching soon, so don’t forget to stay updated.

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