Beware of scam ICOs in 2019!

While the crypto community is preparing to 2019, seemingly, the year of regulations, news from the scammers’ battlefields show that crooks, frauds and desperados of all stripes feel pretty much enthusiastic about the future, too.

Meet Doctors Lab, a gang of noble gentlemen to attack those in pain.

“We do not provide only health tips but also help the rootless people who are not rich and far from medical treatment,” their website states and, then, invites you to take part in private sale.

Let’s figure out what they sell.


Private Sale or scam?

Because there is no whitepaper on their website, it’s really hard to say what exactly they sell, but you can tell that they don’t know, too, — out of this FAQ section.



Now that we know there is no detailed whitepaper on the website that would explain in a clear manner what product they have produced, it’s time to look at the pictures of the team.

This is their Chief Financial Officer

In a weird way he looks very much like this guy…

This is their Co-FounderfakeGuy2

And he looks very much like this guy…


Still, they have a Telegram channel

And this Telegram channel comprises almost 4K subscribers, which is not very much but pretty much to mislead people. Don’t let it fool you, though.

Telegram Channel

Although Admin answers to the questions of the followers, he does it in a very incomprehensible way. For example, to the question about the airdrop that wasn’t received, they say that their bounty manager will take care about it.

Still, they have a crypto airdrop

And where? On the BitcoinTalk Forum, the Forum where credible ICOs post their projects.


What’s even worse is that people taking part in the discussion have already posted their contact details. It means, later Doctor’s Lab team will be able to sell their data as a database. Do you want more examples of suspicious campaigns? Check out our page with unverified airdrops.

 To sum up…

While looking for crypto airdrops out there don’t forget about safety measures.

Use Alexa Siteinfo to check the traffic on the ICO website. If there is no traffic on the website at all, this is clearly a bad sign.

Go and check Tineye to make sure the ICO hasn’t used someone else’s picture, photoshopped it and posted on their website.

Plus, you can always take a look at the domaine age, and if it’s only 1 week young, it’s also bad, bad, bad…

And of course check out the AirdropAlert page with new airdrops. Before listing each of them on our website we spend hours doing due diligence.


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