AirdropAlert Recap week 11 – march 2019

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Highlights Crypto Airdrop

  • Samsung S10 to be compatible for Airdrops
  • This week, approximately $50 USD from Top Crypto Airdrop
  • Apple AirDrop or Crypto Airdrop?
  • AirdropAlert again doing a give-away!


Top Crypto Airdrop

Five Colors Coin Crypto AirdropFive Colors Coin (FCC)

10 FCC Tokens ~ $19,00 USD

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DECIMATED Crypto Airdrop


185 DIO Points ~ $11,00 USD

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PrepayWay Crypto Airdrop

PrepayWay (InBit)

1600 InBit Tokens ~ $18,40 USD

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AirdropAlert Logo

March Giveaway (SNTR)

1000 SNTR + referral reward

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Bitsdaq (BXBC)

6000 BXBC Tokens + referral reward

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Featured Stories Newsletter

Samsung S10 Crypto Airdrop

The new Samsung S10 models comes with a surprise.

Equipped with an Ethereum wallet, will it be possible to receive Airdrops on the S10?

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Apple AirDrop or Crypto Airdrop

AirDrop is a product from Apple.

Unfortunately this does not mean Apple is giving away tokens, this article explains the Apple AirDrop.

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Ethereum Gas Crypto Airdrop

To transfer Ethereum, gas has to be paid.

The idea of gas is not limited to paying transaction fee, gas also serves as a preventing mechanism.

Read more..

Ripple XRP Crypto Airdrop

Ripple (XRP) is a well known cryptocurrency.

This article explains the basics of Ripple, its recent developments and new partnerships.

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Bounty of the Week


DataBloc Bounty Crypto Airdrop

The DataBloc Bounty Campaign is managed by Lenzie.

DataBloc has a major advantage with StoneFly’s existing software, which has served over 2,000 large enterprises including Disney, Wells Fargo, US Navy and US Army.


DataBloc Bounty Crypto Airdrop


Checkmark – Bounty Budget: $8,333,333 in STONE Tokens
Checkmark – 1 STONE = $0.50 USD
Checkmark – Bounty duration: March 4th – end of ICO


Go to DataBloc Bounty



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