CryptoRated – Rating ICO’s redefined

CryptoRated provides in-depth research and analysis for the cryptocurrency Industry. CryptoRated distinguishes itself from other ICO review websites by incorporating one of the core attributes of the Blockchain Technology, namely a trusted and transparent system. Where other ICO review websites may contain ratings based on individuals, CryptoRated utilizes APIs, variety of tools and expert advice to give you statistics and information about ICO’s. This way deciding where to invest your ETH has become simple.


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The premium content and analysis of CryptoRated 2.0 is scheduled to go live in October 2018. The first 100 users who sign up now will get early access and a 50% discount before it is released to the public (early September 2018).


CryptoRated is a daughter company of Zirra, which has been providing in-depth, datadriven, AI-powered company analysis since 2014. Zirra understands the needs of the investor market and has attracted customers like the London Stock Exchange ELITE Platform, Microsoft, WeWork, McCann, and more.

As investors set their sights on the cryptocurrency industry, CryptoRated was formed to provide a solution for a large share of Zirra’s clients, who also took an interest in investing in ICOs and various coins.

CryptoRated developed a number of rating scorecards and approaches for analyzing ICOs and coins, and is proud to lead this necessary change in the industry. They are bringing a 100% neutral, unbiased platform where ratings are trusted, transparent, and not influenced by the ICOs.

Features available in the new platform of CryptoRated are:

  • Rating & Analysis
  • Social tracking & sentiment
  • Complete data aggregator
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market sector overview
  • Custom event alerts
  • News & Signals


See a sample report here.

If investing is what you do frequently, have a look at CryptoRated’s technology, by signing up.  Make sure to use your AirdropAlert subscription email to take advantage of the 50% discount!


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