Exclusive BuzzShow Airdrop – Claiming Goldies (GLDY)

BuzzShow Airdrop Phase 1

In this Guide the Exclusive BuzzShow Airdrop is introduced along with how you can earn more Goldies (GLDY) Tokens.

Apply for the Exclusive BuzzShow Airdrop to claim your 25,000 Goldies Tokens (Note 1000 Goldies = 1 GLDY). These tokens will be airdropped to your BuzzShow wallet on mainnet, if the conditions of the Airdrop are met.


BuzzShow applies the blockchain technology to create a video platform with a ”Proof of Contribution” design. Most of the blockchain enthusiasts are aware of the potential benefits of the blockchain technology, such as decentralization and a better reward mechanism for end-users. In this case, viewers of publicly shared videos on BuzzShow’s platform will earn tokens at the same time.

To withdraw GLDY tokens from your BuzzShow account, you will need to have at least 50 GLDY (50,000 Goldies) Tokens. There are various ways to earn more GLDY Tokens on the platform:

  1. Viewing videos
  2. As Curators
  3. Earn gift tokens from other viewers on your content
  4. Sharing videos from the platform on your social media
  5. Being gifted by friends
  6. As content creators

By using BuzzShow’s platform, your views provided to the platform are counted and actually rewarded. In line with the Proof-of-Contribution model, your activity is proportional with your awarded GLDY tokens. As a curator you can add other videos to your BuzzShow profile. When users watch this video on your channel, you earn GLDY tokens as well. By uploading content and generating views this way, you are also rewarded, in addition to the gift tokens you are able to receive from others.

There is a daily limit on how often you share on social media. By doing this daily, a good amount of GLDY tokens are added to your balance as well.

It is also possible to buy GLDY tokens directly, in order to reach the 50 GLDY token benchmark. This is required in order to be able to withdraw GLDY tokens from the BuzzShow internal wallet to your external ETH wallet.

If you have questions about  BuzzShow’s platform, they have a Telegram Group and also live chat  support on their website.



The BuzzShow (GLDY) Airdrop Phase 1!

Complete a few quick steps to join the BuzzShow Airdrop (GLDY). Complete all the steps to receive GLDY tokens.

Distribution: 25 GLDY(~$6) airdropped into individual BuzzShow wallets on the mainnet platform to be launched before the end of Q4 2018.

Maximum 2000 participants allowed to the Airdrop for this phase.


Airdrop Rules

1) Complete all steps of the form

2) Spam in BuzzShow’s Telegram group will result in immediate ban from airdrop. Do not promote other project/links

3) For Airdrop questions contact us at to support@airdropalert.com or read our FAQ. Please do not ask any question relating to the airdrop in the Telegram group. In most cases this isn’t beneficial to community members.


How to join?

1) Sign up for the Open Alpha Test on https://alpha.buzzshow.com/

2) Join BuzzShow on Telegram

3) Like and follow BuzzShow’s Official Facebook Page.

4) Follow BuzzShow’s Official Twitter Page and retweet the pinned tweet

5) Follow BuzzShow’s Official Instagram Page

6) Submit your details to the airdrop form including an ERC 20 compatible wallet address.

Don’t have an ERC-20 Wallet or don’t know what it is? Read Ethereum Wallet guide!



If you already have an ERC20-enabled Ethereum Wallet, the BuzzShow platform works with all ERC2-enabled wallets.

Do not use an Exchange wallet address for BuzzShow. Do not transact the GLDY tokens to an Exchange Ethereum address. Use a private ERC20-enabled Ethereum Wallet for the BuzzShow Platform.

If you don’t have an Ethereum Wallet yet or want to create a new wallet just for BuzzShow(recommended), we recommend using the MetaMask Wallet. This Wallet functions as a browser extension. For more details go to https://metamask.io/#how-it-works

However, if you prefer to create a different wallet apart from MetaMask Wallet, the BuzzShow platform works with all ERC20-enabled wallets.

Ue any of Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers for the best results.


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