Which Cointracker is the absolute best?

Crypto investors and traders always have to monitor the movement of the coin they purchase, or they’re about to purchase. One of the best ways to do this is to use a cryptocurrency price tracker. When you select a price tracker, there are many factors you have to keep in mind. To help you with that we compared several popular price tracking sites.

Which Cointracker will you pick?




CoinMarketCap has been trader’s go-to price checker for quite a while. The exchange has a user-friendly and easy for navigation interface. CoinMarketCap shows the current price for the individual cryptocurrency across 200 different exchanges. On their website you can see the market cap, circulating supply, 24-hour volume, % change over 24 hours, and a simple price graph.

When it comes to disadvantages of CoinMarketCap, just like any other investment platform, is no exception. One of them is that the data from the API is only for personal use. For any other purpose you must use the paid tier of the API. Plus, a recent report by Bitwise Asset Management claims that 95% of Bitcoin exchange trading volume listed on CoinMarketCap is fake.





CoinCall is an investment platform accessible from anywhere in the world. You can use it to sort cryptocurrencies by different measures. For example, your input can be a market cap, 24-hour growing price or last 24-hour volume, and you’ll base a list these measures. Plus, if you access the website from the same device each time, you don’t have to create an account to view your portfolio.

Of course, CoinCall is not flawless. One of the main disadvantages is that metrics are limited compared with other platforms.





CoinCodex was founded in 2017 and right now headed by co-founder David Cernuta. It’s optimized for desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone. CoinCodex deals with over 2400 coins, and with data on over 100 exchanges. The platform is beginner-friendly and offers detailed guides for crypto traders. Also, CoinCodex is publishing information on ICOs token prices, release dates and ROI.

What can bother users is the placement of annoying ads on the website’s homepage.





WorldCoinIndex was launched in 2014 and has over 400 cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. According to the press release the company has published, they are indexing data from over 35 exchanges, tracking crypto prices in major fiat currencies such as USD, Euro and the Chinese Yuan. It lists coins by 24-hour trading volume instead of market cap like CoinMarketCap and it shows the 24 hours high and low of each coin it lists.

Negative sides of WorldCoinIndex is that it doesn’t list all cryptocurrencies and it doesn’t update as frequently as other investment platforms.



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Multiple exchanges with volatile prices and trade volumes are one reason why the cryptocurrency ecosystem remains fragmented and unstable. Investing in cryptocurrencies is highly risky and make sure before doing it that you have all the necessary information, including the one from investment platforms.


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