Airbnb will accept crypto soon, Airdrop coming?

ICO’s are no strangers to blockchain solutions for the house rental space. We’ve seen airdrops like Crowdvilla provide a tokenized ecosystem for it previously.

However, what if Airbnb accepts crypto? Would that solve the problems these blockchain startups are trying to solve?

Crypto introduced on Airbnb

bitrefill crypto on airbnb

bitrefill crypto on airbnb

Cryptocurrency gift card provider Bitrefill added a new function allowing users to use Airbnb with five different cryptocurrencies, which was announced on the Twitter account of the Swedish company.

The accepted crypto’s are:  bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE) and dash (DASH). Currently this is only available in the USA, however we’re hoping to see this globally in a reasonable time frame.

Apart from accepting crypto, we currently see no blockchain development news about Airbnb. Which means house-renting blockchain projects still have room to stay competitive.

What about an Airbnb airdrop (airbnbdrop)?

Airdrops here

Airdrops here

At Airdrop Alert we believe introducing people to crypto payments on Airbnb, could be perfectly promoted with an airdrop. We have a little tip for executives at Airbnb, are you ready?

“Give people a reward for paying with crypto on the platform”

Consider that a free tip from the experts.

All kidding aside, building a crypto community in a rising industry will be a smart move. Users of cryptocurrency are more tolerant with start-up products or apps. Which is great to introduce new features to.

So Airbnb, when crypto airdrop?

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