9 Top High-Earning Crypto Affiliate Programs

Are you looking to earn money online and not sure where to start? Have you heard about affiliate marketing? It has been around for a while.

In a nutshell, this type of marketing means that a company or platform pays you when you send them customers.

Here is how it works:

  1. you sign up for the affiliate program on a company’s website
  2. the company gives you a unique referral URL that points to their website
  3. when someone clicks that referral link and makes a purchase or sign up, you earn a commission

The company gets new customers, while you earn a passive income. It’s a win-win situation.

With the rise of crypto-related platforms, exchanges, and companies, affiliate marketing found its way to this booming space.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best high-earning crypto affiliate programs. Let’s get started.

1. Crypto exchanges:


Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, based in the United States. Besides low fees and a variety of trading pairs, the exchange has an excellent affiliate program. The commission per sale is 50% of your referees’ trading fees. Commissions can be earned for 3 months and payouts are on a daily basis.


Another popular crypto exchange Bitpanda, is based in Austria and is a proud home to digital assets.

The exchange’s affiliate program allows you to earn up to 20% revenue share from commissions. The commissions can be earned for a lifetime and payouts are instant.


Binance is the world’s biggest exchange by trading volume. To become Binance’s affiliate you have to fill out the application and pass the team’s evaluation. If you pass, you get referral links that you can manage from your Binance account. Every time someone registers an account on Binance with your referral link, you can get up to 50% commission every time they complete a trade.

2. Casinos and gaming:

The gambling sector usually has great affiliate programs, as they are constantly looking to attract new people willing to place a bet. With the blockchain industry growing, casino’s find a new technology to host their games.

Cloud Bet

Cloud Bet is an online crypto casino based in the Netherlands Antilles. The casino offers a variety of games such as poker, sports betting, and a live casino.

Cloud Bet’s affiliate program has two commission structures: Full Rev Share, which can give you a commission of up to 30% on all revenues generated across the platform, and Hybrid Rev Share, that has a maximum payout of 30% on all revenues generated through the casino and live casino games.

Bitcoin Penguin

Bitcoin Penguin is a crypto casino that offers more than 200 games. And the platform also offers an affiliate program that gives players up to 50% additional profit. Each affiliate starts with a 25% revenue share and that can increase as you increase the traffic to Bitcoin Penguin. Payouts are done monthly in BTC.

mBit Casino

mBit Casino is a licensed gaming website offering an affiliate program with a flat revenue share of 35%. Revenue is paid out on every fifth of the month, in case that the amount due exceeds 50mBTC.

3. Crypto cloud mining:

CCG Mining

With CCG Mining’s affiliate program, you can get 6% from each purchased cloud mining contract on their website.

Payments are instant and done through T/T or bitcoin. Referrals are not limited.


HashFlare is a platform offering crypto cloud mining services with modern and efficient equipment. The platform’s affiliate program allows you to earn up to a revenue share percentage of 10%. Payout can be done via bitcoin, VISA, or MASTERCARD.

4. Lending platforms:


Xcoins’s affiliate program comes with high and instant commission payouts. Commissions are 50% of transaction fees. How can you get involved? Well, there are three ways for that: by referring borrowers, lenders, or other affiliates to the site.


A lending platform based in Cyprus, YouHodler pays with cash or crypto for each person who follows your link and becomes a YouHodler client. You can get up to $100 for each active account and automatic payment once per month.

5. Faucets:

One of the earliest crypto affiliate programs is the faucets. As these are known for giving away free Bitcoin to their sign-ups, it is quite easy to refer friends to these programs. But be careful, there have been many scam reports on several crypto faucets you don’t want to send your friends to.


This popular crypto faucet website allows you to join their affiliate program by bringing your friends to the website. If you rank in the top 10 by combined wagering volume of your referrals, you can win the contest and up to $10,900 in BTC every month.

6. Airdrops & Bounties:

Airdrops and bounties are a great way to get crypto coins for free. But, do you know what’s even better? With certain airdrops, you can get even more coins if you refer them to your friends and bring them aboard.

On our website, you can find a list of new and upcoming airdrops/bounties. Some of them might offer some interesting affiliate programs to join. To stay up to date, don’t forget to check it out regularly. We even have our own affiliate program, which you can find here.

7. Crypto wallets:

This is one of the most used crypto affiliate programs across websites. Bloggers, content providers, and even sites like Etherscan are sending customers towards the wallet. Not only do you benefit, but your referred friend also protects his cryptocurrency better. A classic win-win situation for everyone and therefore it’s quite logical it is popular amongst the affiliates.


This popular hardware wallet has an interesting affiliate program. For promoting Trezor, you can earn anywhere from 12% – 15% referral commission for each sale.

Payments are done once a month via wire transfer or bitcoin.


Another popular hardware wallet, Ledger allows you to get a 10% commission on each sale. To join Ledger’s affiliate program, you need only a bitcoin address and email.

Then you’ll get an affiliate tracking link and every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission, in bitcoins.


Becoming a KeepKey affiliate is pretty easy. First, you have to fill out the application. Once your application is approved, you’ll get an affiliate link. Now is the time to refer your friends and earn 25% commission rate.

9. Payment providers:

Providers like Lolli, offer you flat cash rewards for sign-ups that start spending and earning Bitcoin through their payment solution. It’s an easy plugin install and customers can already use it on platforms like Hotels.com.


There you go, a list of the most popular affiliate programs within the crypto community.

Pick the affiliate program that suits you the best, refer your friends, and start earning.

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