Airdrops to Collect While You Stay Safely at Home

I don’t know about you, but for me, time seems to have slowed down by a lot during these COVID times. While I try to stay active, I’ve also noticed I spend significantly more time staring at my screens.

Sound familiar?

Spending more time online, also means I have more time to look for earning opportunities. And collecting free crypto coins is still one of them. So while I’m completing a few tasks to show my support to cryptocurrency projects, I created a list for you to find the best COVID airdrops to add to your portfolio.

Don’t Miss These Airdrops During This Pandemic


This particular CCA coins airdrop rewards you for signing up and for referring friends. In addition, a few lucky participants will win a $10,000 lottery every six months & $100,000 every three years!

Wouldn’t that be awesome, to win a lottery while you’re stuck at home?

You can find more info on the giveaway and project in our listing here.

Experty (Round 7)

We’ve supported Experty for over two years now with their airdrop campaigns. With tens of thousands of sign-ups, a solid track record, successful ICO, and several completed airdrop distributions, you can be sure this project is legit.

Just sign up for their newsletter and you’ll receive the next steps the same day. Head over to our listing and start earning EXY tokens, while you’re in lockdown.

Earn Ethereum

Yes, you can still earn ETH in 2020 in the cryptocurrency space. You can even do so with Airdrop Alert.

Just create an account and start referring your friends to the automated airdrop plan we created. And join our club!

Bitcoin Black

Will the real Bitcoin please stand up?

We’re not here to debate the name of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BSV, or any coin who wants to claim this throne. This project aims to be community-based, and therefore the people behind it remain anonymous, similar to how BTC started. But that also brings some risk with it. What if it turns out to be a scam, who can be held responsible?

If you are not too bothered by that, like me, then this is an easy airdrop to claim while we wait for the COVID virus to stop spreading.

Ducatus Network

This one has the highest value of all the COVID airdrops. A minimum of 2,020 DUC Tokens (~$ 101) for joining. Plus, an additional 1,000 DUC (~$ 50) for each referral who signs up, completes KYC, and makes their first purchase on the platform.

Of course, to earn the referral reward your friend has to be pretty active. However, with the high initial sign up bonus, it’s worth having a look at it. Or do you have something urgent you need to do right now?

Wrap up on COVID Airdrops

I hope everybody who reads this is safe and your families aren’t impacted by this worldwide pandemic. But while we wait out this crisis, there is no need to stop earning. Right?

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