Lolli: Earn Bitcoin while Shopping

Today, there are many ordinary and extraordinary things you can buy with bitcoin. More and more merchants accept bitcoin as a payment and the number of websites accepting bitcoin is growing. Yes, slowly but steadily, bitcoin is becoming a global digital currency.

And now, we have good news for all online shoppers. Now, you can earn bitcoin rewards while shopping online from the comfort of your home (in pajamas if you like). You’re probably wondering how? Well, let us introduce you Lolli.

What the heck is Lolli?

Lolli is a bitcoin rewards application enabling you to own and earn bitcoin while shopping online. Basically, it’s a browser extension that you can add to Chrome and Safari, but the team is working on expanding to other browsers as well.

The platform has partnered with more than 500 brands including some well-known names such as,, Hilton & Priceline, Walmart, Sephora, GoDaddy, etc. Through a partnership with these brands, Lolli gets a percentage of every sale, and then they send a percentage of that money like bitcoin, straight to your wallet.

How does Lolli work?

If you want to get involved in Lolli, here is our step-by step guide to help you with that:

  • Go to the Lolli website
  • Sign up using your email or Facebook
  • Install the Lolli extension for Chrome or Safari browser
  • Start shopping (you’ll receive a notification when you’re on a partner’s store)
  • When you make a purchase on partner’s store Lolli will track that
  • After the retailer pays Lolli, you’ll get bitcoin to your Lolli wallet

Simple, right? Keep in mind a couple of things: You can transfer your earning once you reached a balance of $15. Also, for USD transfers the platform charges $0.25, and for bitcoin transfers, it charges current, applicable miners’ fees.

If you spread the word about Lolli and refer it to your friends, you can earn up to $10. And one more thing: Lolli currently supports only US and Canadian users.

Heard enough? Start earning with Lolli today by creating an account.


Did you know that 64% of buyers state that they prefer making purchases online versus going into a store? This means that integrating bitcoin into online shopping is a great way not only to reward users but also to educate them about the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies. And this is exactly what Lolli is doing.

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