7 Wallets Including Airdrops For Optimal Farming

In 2019, we wrote a blog about 9 useful wallets for collecting Airdrops. That article got over 100k reads. It’s 2024 now and a lot has changed, so it’s time for a fresh new list of wallets that all airdrop farmers should read.

Safety is a significant factor in crypto, however, it’s not the most user-friendly. Using a Ledger Wallet while you farm Airdrops will slow you down. And the ledger won’t always be compatible with your use case. We advise keeping most of your funds stored in a Hardware wallet. This way your crypto is safe and you can sleep well at night. But when you’re farming, use multiple wallets. Create “burner” wallets with a small portion of funds you use to farm your airdrops. Having a setup with multiple wallets will also help you to be eligible for more Airdrops!

We’ll cover the most important ones for Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin (ordinals), and Injective.

Airdrops in 2024: Complete Airdrop Farming Guide

1] MetaMask

Let’s start with the most obvious one. MetaMask is by far the most popular wallet used for Ethereum. It’s the perfect wallet to use ETH and ERC20 tokens. Every project that uses Ethereum supports this wallet, and we all know there is a shitton of Layer-2 ETH Airdrops that you can farm. Outside of ETH, the Metamask wallet also supports Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum.

A major pro argument for using MetaMask is that you can easily connect it to your hardware wallets.

Last bull cycle, all the “airdrop influencers”, were calling for a MetaMask Airdrop. By now, we all know this isn’t coming. It’s a huge missed opportunity by the MetaMask Team and the competition has noticed.

2] Rabby – Earn Points

Next up, Rabby Wallet. This is a game-changing web3 wallet for Ethereum and all EVM chains, revolutionizing transaction security with its pre-sign check feature that allows users to see exactly what they are signing and displays the estimated balance change, ensuring unparalleled security. 

Additionally, Rabby Wallet automatically switches to the appropriate blockchain based on the visited website and ensures compatibility with all ÐApps, encompassing a vast network of 129 mainnet and testnet chains to streamline the user experience.

The Blockchains supported include Avalanche, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Optimism, Manta Pacific and more.

While you use the wallet, you are earning points. Which will likely lead to an Airdrop. Learn more about that on our listing.

3] Rainbow – Retroactive Points + Future Airdrop

The Rainbow Wallet is a state-of-the-art, open-source, self-custodial wallet tailored for Ethereum and all major EVM chains, offering heightened privacy and peace of mind through its secure and discreet environment, perfect for managing digital assets.

Rainbow facilitates seamless integration with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor which will keep your cryptocurrency safe and sound.

It is an Ethereum-based wallet with assets being supported on Ethereum mainnet and the Layer 2 chains. In addition, Binance Smart Chain, Base, Optimism, and Polygon are among the other chains integrated.

They have launched a Retroactive Points Distribution program that recognizes users’ past on-chain activities with points, based on a snapshot taken on December 11th 2023, honoring the Ethereum community’s historical involvement. Even the volume you have completed on MetaMask will be rewarded with Points on Rainbow. All you have to do is Claim it and keep using it in the future to farm your airdrops.

4] Phantom – King of Solana

Phantom is a non-custodial wallet and browser extension broadly used for Solana. It’s easy to use and reminds us a lot of MetaMask. It’s also compatible with hardware wallets for an extra layer of security.

You can use this wallet for your Solana NFTs, Solana Memecoins, Solana Dex Farming, Swapping, and more. Phantom also supports Ethereum and Polygon.

Even tho rumors have circulated that Phantom will do a retroactive airdrop, members of the team have always firmly denied this.

5] Magic Eden Wallet

Just 2 days ago, Magic Eden released their own wallet, developed in collaboration with the Exodus wallet team.

 Since Magic Eden is one of the market leaders of Solana NFTs, it doesn’t come as a surprise this wallet’s core focus is NFTs and Ordinals.

Your One-Stop Wallet for NFTs across SOL and BTC:

  • NFT Collection Management: Seamlessly view and manage your entire NFT collection, track pricing, collection value, and transaction history, all within the app. List and accept offers directly from your wallet, streamlining your NFT trading experience.
  • Magic Eden Integration: Be the first to experience a digital wallet directly integrated with an NFT platform. View, purchase, list, and sell SOL NFTs directly from your wallet, while adhering to the latest wallet standards across SOL & BTC for a safe connection to dapps.

Point Multipliers & Airdrops:

The Magic Eden NFT marketplace currently has an active airdrop campaign. And as a Magic Eden Wallet user, you’ll enjoy a preferred 1.25x Liquidium points multiplier on their Ordinal lending platform. Plus, with Saturn, use the Magic Eden wallet to get boosted odds for an airdrop for $MOON.

We suspect other wallet usage will also be rewarded, more on that later!

6] Keplr – For Staking Airdrops

Established in 2021 by the Osmosis team, Keplr Wallet has over 1 million users and has established itself as a reputable choice within the Cosmos community.

Keplr Wallet supports coins and tokens associated with the Cosmos ecosystem and inter-blockchain communication (IBC), enabling users to transfer assets between different blockchains easily. On top of that, new popular coins like Celestia & Injective are also added to the wallet.

Staking Airdrops

This wallet is broadly used to be eligible for staking airdrops. For example, Altlayer recently announced a retroactive airdrop for TIA stakers. You can stake TIA within a view clicks on Keplr, which would have made you eligible for the $ALT airdrop mentioned.

More retroactive airdrops for stakers are on the horizon, so as an airdrop farmer it’s a must to get this wallet and start staking your Cosmos, Tia, and Injective.

7] Xverse – Ordinals

The go-to wallet for Bitcoin Ordinals & BRC-20 tokens is without a doubt: Xverse. Its non-custodial design aims to be the next option for Web3 interactions on Bitcoin via the Stacks. It offers a wide range of features, whether you want to trade NFTs, use the DeFi protocol, or earn Bitcoin rewards by accumulating your $STX.

We wrote a more extensive introduction on Xverse a year ago.

This would be your best option if you dabble in the Layer-2 opinions of Bitcoin, or play around with Ordinals.

Don’t Forget Your Safety Extensions

While we mentioned it’s good to use burner wallets earlier in this blog, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your security.

There are a few security extensions you can use which are compatible with several wallets. We recommend installing these to give you warnings when you’re about to sign a malicious transaction.

  1. Wallet Guard is a Web3 wallet security app. It’s an open-source extension designed to simplify transactions & security. With Wallet Guard, users get a warning if they’re about to interact with a potentially dangerous smart contract. We published a Guide about it last week.
  2. Pocket Universe actively assesses the outcome of transactions by simulating them before users confirm their decisions. This assessment allows individuals to gain a clear understanding of the token approvals and swaps involved in both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By providing these insights, Pocket Universe empowers users to protect themselves from potential scams that exploit unlimited token approvals.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. All the wallets you need, including potential airdrops, to farm protocols and reward programs. Throughout 2024, we will add wallets that are worth mentioning. So this piece will be edited when needed.

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