Complete List of Best Dex Airdrops to Farm in 2024

January 26, 2024

We’re in the middle of Airdrop Season, with projects handing out retroactive, and early user rewards left and right. If you are trading, one way of adding extra ROI is to farm Dex Airdrops.

We’re always looking out for these opportunities and share confirmed and potential airdrops daily on our socials. Go ahead and give us a follow if you don’t want to miss the next one. But today we’re here to bring you a list of Dex Airdrops that you can start airdrop farming.

Airdrops in 2024: Complete Airdrop Farming Guide

Complete List of 16 Dex Airdrops

Let’s start by categorizing these Dex Airdrops. We begin with the immensely popular Solana Dex’s, move to fast-growing Injective ones, remind you of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and end with Dex Airdrops on new chains and various testnets.

Solana Dex Opportunities

Airdrop Farmers on Solana have heard the money printer go brrrrrrrrr several times over the past few weeks. It’s a chain with a lot of action, and if you haven’t put any effort into it yet, you should consider it.

Here are a couple of Solana DEX airdrops to farm.

The Jupiter Exchange features an innovative LP-to-trader perpetual exchange, offering up to 100x leverage and leveraging LP pool liquidity and oracles for seamless trading with zero price impact and slippage. Their Season-1 airdrop will be claimable over the next few days and there is currently a memecoin $WEN airdrop claimable for Jupiter users. Hints of more airdrops in the future are there, and we will list them once they are active.

The Drif Protocol focuses on perpetual futures with a virtual AMM for efficient price discovery and cross-margined trading, facilitating leveraged trades and various DeFi activities. They are heavily hinting at a future airdrop for early users. You will find more information about it over here.

Marginfi goes beyond crypto margin trading by providing traders with real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and customizable trading strategies. Learn how to farm this one at Airdrop Alert’s listing.

Parcl is a groundbreaking DeFi platform that revolutionizes interaction with the global real estate market, enabling trading based on international trends with up to 10x leverage, and providing critical insights through daily-updated, precise data from the Parcl Price Feed. More info in our listing.

NovaDEX stands out with its innovative liquidity management and advanced AMM curve for stable pools, ensuring optimal pricing and reduced slippage. Its user-friendly interface further enhances accessibility, appealing to a wide DeFi audience. Check out the airdrop requirements here.

Injective Dex Airdrops

The Blockchain for Ninjas surprised everyone in this early stage of the bull market. The Injective ecosystem is booming with Dex’s, NFTs, Memecoins, and more. However, on this day we only discuss the DEX’s.

DojoSwap is the first native automated market-maker (AMM) on the Injective ? blockchain, drawing inspiration from Uniswap’s optimal swapping system. Earn $DOJO by trading or providing liquidity, more details here.

Helix is tailored to accommodate traders from beginners to experts, providing an intuitive interface for easy trading alongside advanced options for sophisticated strategies. If you are interested in farming this one, I suggest you take a look at our Helix page.

Whether you’re a Trader or Farmer, Dex Airdrops are Lucrative for All!

Bitcoin Layer-2 Has Arrived With BTC Dex Airdrops

We’ve waited 84 years for this… Layer 2 on Bitcoin is finally popping. With Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens emerging over the past year, it is only natural that the king of all chains got some action.

Bitzy emerges as a leading v2+v3 DEX with an OTC Desk on Bitcoin L2, seamlessly integrating advanced liquidity options in an EVM-compatible environment, enhancing swap transaction efficiency, and setting new standards in crypto trading innovation. Farm your rewards with us on Airdrop Alert.

BRC-20 DEX is a decentralized exchange on the BRC-20 protocol featuring low-fee spot trading, token project fundraising, and token swap functionality, ensuring security with smart contracts and staking rewards, complemented by a cross-chain bridge for enhanced interoperability. They currently run a competition for 500 lucky winners to earn some tokens and USDT.

Various Testnet & Potential Airdrops

Next up, is a short list of retroactive or “hinted” airdrops on blockchains we all know.

On Chains You Already Know

Aevo is a top-tier decentralized L2 derivatives exchange on Ethereum, focusing on crypto options and perps trading with 20x leverage. They support pre-market trading of various tokens (including $JUP which was mentioned above). Farm your $AEVO airdrop by following the steps.

IntentX is a cutting-edge OTC derivatives exchange specializing in perpetual futures trading, innovating with an intent-based architecture where traders express intentions for execution by external solvers, thus enhancing liquidity and scalability.

Initially operating on Base L2, IntentX is poised for future expansion to a variety of other chains. Get more details about the airdrop campaign here. is an innovative decentralized platform on the BNB Chain and Mantle Network, specializing in derivatives and social trading. Its unique KLP Pool allows up to 100x leverage, promoting capital efficiency. Liquidity providers benefit from trading fees, while traders enjoy reduced swap fees and counterparty risks. Some exclusive airdrop rewards are available at this time.

illumineX is a revolutionary decentralized exchange built on the robust foundation of Uniswap V2. It prioritizes next-gen privacy and security, enabling secure and confidential transactions across multiple chains through the use of privately wrapped tokens. Make sure you are eligible for this one by following our guide.

The TestNet & New Chains

This next list is more for the savvy Trader. If you’re not afraid to dip your toes into murky waters or newly developed chains and protocols, then go ahead and follow the next couple of retroactive and potential airdrops.

ReefSwap is a cutting-edge DEX built on the Reef Chain, an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, redefining the DeFi landscape with ultra-fast transactions and minimal gas fees, enabling seamless token swaps among various REEF-20 tokens for both newcomers and experienced users. All the requirements are well described on our listing page for your comfort.

Pike Finance is a next-generation, natively multi-chain money market revolutionizing DeFi with its Universal Liquidity Protocol, enabling seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending of native assets and eliminating the need for token bridging and wrapped assets. They have strongly hinted at a retroactive airdrop for early users, more info here

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap, folks. It’s been an intense list to create, but we hope it’s useful for you traders and farmers out there. We took a look at the oldest Bitcoin chain, all the way up to newcomers, while subsequently covering everything in between. Personally, I try to hit as many DEXs as possible and spread some volume around. You can find all of our DeFi-related airdrops in our DeFi section.

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