Yugalabs 2024: Big Changes and Updates!

Welcome to the world of Yugalabs in 2024, where simplicity meets innovation in the realm of NFTs. Our last update on the biggest Web3 company dates back 6 months when we looked at their game releases. Lots have changed since then. Let’s take a stroll through some recent highlights and what makes Yugalabs your go-to destination in the bustling NFT universe.

Magic Eden Partnership

First, we’re thrilled to announce the recent partnership between Yugalabs & Magic Eden, a leading marketplace for NFTs. This collaboration opens up exciting new avenues for the community, making it easier than ever to discover, buy, and sell your favorite digital collectibles.

To support this partnership, Magic Eden announced last night that all old NFT volume on Ethereum will count for their diamond reward airdrop program. The claim will go live next week, so keep an eye. (follow us on X, we will make sure to announce it.) This means if you bought or sold any Yugalabs NFTs in the past, you will be eligible to claim this airdrop. Kudos, smart move.

However, on the flip side, there are rumors that Magic Eden will enforce royalties moving forward. NFT traders have been getting used to low or no royalties through Blur and Private Deals on Opensea. So we will have to see what this bold move will do to the collections and their floor prices.

Moonbirds (Proof) Acquisition

Breaking news! Yugalabs has recently acquired the Proof Collection, known for its captivating Moonbirds. This acquisition, structured as an all-stock deal, marks a significant milestone for Yugalabs in 2024 as they expand their growing portfolio.

The community wasn’t too happy about this news, as they feel like the focus is spread too wide between the dozen of collections under the Yugalabs umbrella.

New Leadership, Same Vision for Yugalabs 2024

In a recent shake-up, Daniel Alegre, the esteemed CEO has passed the baton to none other than Yugalabs founder, Garga.

Click on the above image to read the full tweet about Garga coming back as CEO.

It’s a surprising move, as Daniel’s experience at Google and Blizzard would surely come in handy to roll out the games Yuga has in development.

The community took this as great news, as the founder goes back to the core beliefs of Yuga and the “club” they carefully built. They even went as far as announcing BAYC will be a separate LLC from now on, to make sure they get the focus needed.

BAYC Floor Price Rollercoaster

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) floor prices, you’ll know it’s been quite the ride lately. Over the past few months, we’ve seen fluctuations between 20 and 26 ETH. Even the price of Pudgy Penguins is getting close to Apes right now!

Despite the low sentiment, a few remarkable sales happened in 2024, like a Gold Ape of Franklinisbored for 275e ETH. Or a trippy skin ape with a crown sold at 110 ETH. However, this beautiful gold specimen currently sits at 395 ETH and is the floor for the rare gold trait. Let’s see if it sells any time soon.

Other collections of Yuga seemed to slowly bleed down over months, including MAYC and the gamefi NFTs as Otherdeeds and HV-MTL.

The only one holding up is CryptoPunks which has a floor of 56 ETH.

Next Stop: Otherside Trip on Feb 27th – “Apes Come Home”

Mark your calendars because the next Otherside Trip is just around the corner! Set for February 27th, this event promises to be a homecoming celebration for all “apes” out there. Get ready to dive into a world of immersive experiences and connect with fellow Apes while you wander around the world in a 3D model of your BAYC!

Watch the trailer by clicking the image below.

After 2 previous successful Otherside demo days, this one is highly anticipated as users get to test their apes and digital identities for the first time in the metaverse.

Dookey Dash is Back!

The immensely popular game Dookey Dash will be back in the next few weeks. The game was open was 3 weeks and token-gated (u needed to own an NFT to play) last year. But the revamp, including updates, will be free to play for all! The Winner of last time took home a unique NFT which he managed to sell for 1000 ETH.

This time around, players won’t earn an NFT, but rumor has it that Yugalabs will put up a prize pool of 1 Million Dollars.

Last Words

The BAYC Clubhouse, which was announced in 2021 is still in the making. This “in-real-life” clubhouse is expected to open in 2025, however, the Yugalabs team is still vague on the details.

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