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The past 8 years I have lived the digital nomad lifestyle, which allowed me to travel to 60+ countries and live in six of them. was founded while the co-founder and I were on a world trip in which we visited all continents within a year.

Founder M. Christensen working from Maldives.


With the concept of remote working growing over the past years, there are all these digital nomad “hubs” popping up. Cities like Chiang Mai in Thailand, or Playa Del Carmen in Mexico are getting flooded with foreigners who work online. These foreigners are looking for a cheap place to live, sunny weather and peers that also work online. Because these cities have such a large percentage of foreigners they manage to get by speaking English. It is very convenient to get by on English and meet other likeminded people who share the passion of travel combined with work, but it is not the way I wish to experience a new country.



The way I want to experience a country is to get in touch with the local people. To get in touch with the locals need to communicate in their language. What is the best way to learn a new language? After all these years I have to say I still did not find the solution. I have tried apps like DuoLingo which teaches you the basics of a language. I have tried personal Spanish in Medellin or Thai language classes in Chiang Mai. The result of my effort is that I can say how many brothers and sisters I have or where I was born in multiple languages.  This is not how you build friendships in a new environment. You need to be able to speak the language about things you are interested and passionate about. If you are a vegan, you want to express your thought about veganism. If you are interested in crypto you want to talk about the coin or project you are looking at. These specific terms and lingo is not thought in books or courses.

The problem with learning a new language is that all the methods are outdated. They have a similar A B C structure to it that is thought in primary schools. You start with the “hi how are you doing, my name is Morten” type sentences. And move on to talking about your family or asking directions to the pharmacy.

Introducing YellowBetter

YellowBetter is a community created by representatives of different countries. People who want to meet in the virtual world to learn languages, exchange experiences and, first of all, learn about their cultures and habits.

Imagine that you decide how, where, when and most of all what you learn. There is no examiner standing over your shoulder. Nobody is questioning you and you can always rely on support.

This is the essence of all of YellowBetter. Learn through play and communing with the language, making friends with people from around the world through the Blockchain technology.



Introducing BetterPay

BetterPay is an external company whose main shareholder is YellowBetter. BetterPay acts as the main currency exchange, payment processor and foundation that acquires external portals to implement a payment system based on a   YBT token.

BetterPay will be in the form of a web and mobile application with a unique search engine for the tourist industry who use the Blockchain technology. It can be used for:

  • Hotel and public transport reservations
  • Decentralized rating and reviews
  • Cost optimization by avoiding intermediaries

How will it work?

Imagine you are travelling to Rio de Janeiro for 6 months. You can go to the YellowBetter app and find a teacher who is local, and shares similar interest. You can learn the language by talking about your interest! The type of conversations you want to experience in Rio with the local Brazilians.  I would personally talk to my YellowBetter teacher about soccer, which I know will be an easy conversation point on Ipanema beach.

Not only will you get to learn to speak a language through your own interest topics, you also get to learn the local slang and accent. Brazilian Portuguese sounds different from Portuguese from Portugal. If you go to Brazil you want to learn the native accent.

Final thoughts:

One of the things about Blockchain that has always attracted me to the technology is the ability to solve problems without a central point of authorization. There are 7 Billion people in the world, 437 Million of them speak Spanish. Why do I need to hire a personal teacher to teach me how to count in Spanish, while I can talk to a local about subjects I like? Through the Blockchain people can find ways to help each other and benefit from it. A student can learn a language through a local and find a price which he is willing to pay for it. The teacher has a motivated student and determines a price he is willing to work for.

I am honored to be added to the adviser team for YellowBetter. With my firsthand experience of learning new languages I hope to add value to the development of the project.

Morten Christensen – Founder



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