Blast-off! Qravity white paper 2.0 is in orbit

July 18, 2018

As you may have noticed, we’ve been quite busy here at Qravity. We’ve developed some awesome new token incentives to maximize the benefits of Qravity’s currency token, QCO, for all user groups. We’re on the verge of releasing an MVP demo version of our entertainment production and distribution platform. And now we’re happy to announce that we have launched version 2.0 of the Qravity white paper into the bustling blockchain sector of cyberspace.

Here’s a summary of our white paper upgrades:

New QCO incentives

Perhaps the most exciting update to the Qravity ecosystem consists of the aforementioned QCO incentives. We’ve added details about each one to section 3.2. Qravity Project Flow:

QCO Boost: This crowdfunding mechanism helps covers project startup fees, providing investors with ownership stakes in Qravity projects and creatives with advance payments.

Prepaid Content Creation Pipeline (PCCP): For a deposit of QCO, project founders will be able use Qravity to produce short films and other small projects, giving creatives the opportunity to earn QCO quickly through the platform.

Discount or free content for QCO holders: Consumers can save up to 20% on Qravity content by holding QCO in their accounts; for every 100,000 QCO they hold, they can get one free movie per month (amount subject to change).

New content pricing

We want everyone to enjoy original Qravity movies, video games, and all the other premium digital media that we’ve got lined up. So we’re making it easy for consumers and distributors to purchase or rent Qravity content using fiat currencies. This will cost a little more than paying for content with QCO, but it’s a great entry point for people who want to get to know the platform with the currency of their choice. Details about new Qravity content pricing is now in section 4.5.1. Consumer Accounts.

Future considerations

We’ve got a galaxy full of great ideas for Qravity, but we can only include so much before launch. With our MVP coming soon, we’ve got to hold off on the development of some really cool features for a little while. We’ve outlined a few of these features in section 5.5. Future Considerations:

Rating-based bonuses: Consumers earn bonus QCO for providing helpful Qravity content reviews.

Voting mechanism: Content creators vote to decide which projects get worked on first.

Governance functionalities: Project founders vote on new features and functionalities for the Qravity platform.

Competitive comparison table

In section 7. Competition, you can now see how Qravity stacks up against digital media platforms and job boards (spoiler: Qravity is the only one that ticks all the boxes).

Over-the-counter QCO purchases

We have redefined the manner in which Qravity will facilitate the purchase of large quantities of QCO. We will do so using an “over-the-counter” (OTC) form of token purchases; you can read about this in section 8.1. QCO Distribution.

New QCO distribution arrangement

We’ve re-allocated a total of 12% of Qravity’s ERC-20 tokens for distribution to OTC token purchases (2%) and QCO Boost (10%). Information in section 8.1. QCO Distribution.

Updated token spec sheet and token sale details

We’ve updated the token specification sheet and sale details to include the new dates of the presale (July 28 to August 11, 2018) and public sale (August 12 to October 1, 2018). We have also added the newly defined hard cap of 35,000 ETH, and present confirmation that we will burn unsold tokens. Full details in sections 8.3. Token Spec Sheet and 8.4. Token Sale — QCO.

Clarified company structure

To present a clearer picture of Qravity’s corporate structure, we’ve re-organized section 9. Corporate. Qravity is now made up of a Corporate Team, Blockchain Department, Development Department, and Legal Department, along with its Corporate Partners.

New team members and corporate partners

We’re proud to have our new CMO Maie Crumpton and Growthhacker Philip Dimitrov on board — and in our white paper. We’ve also added the following partners to section 9.5. Corporate Partners:

Capacity — ICO Advisors and Blockchain Integration Consultants

CoinMarketLaunch — ICO Consulting Agency — Airdrop Campaign Managers

Yes, you saw that right — we’re running a multiphase airdrop starting this week! Stay tuned for details.

Text and visual updates

To give you a better understanding of some of the more complex aspects of Qravity, such as smart contracts, we’ve edited text for clarification. We’ve also added visual updates, including new Project Share Distribution sliders to help describe QCO Boost and a mockup of the platform’s consumer facing UI featuring the discount for paying with QCO.

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