Archos Safe-T Mini: What it is, and How it Works

The world as we know it today is an interwoven network of computers, servers, and smart devices that talk to each other in an intricate language that few can decipher.

But within the intrinsic openness of this virtual world lies its biggest flaw. Malicious code can make its way from one end of the globe to another in seconds, infecting vulnerable machines throughout its binary journey.

Cryptocurrencies have become a prime target for agents bent on acquiring what’s not legitimately theirs. Crypto exchanges have been hacked, sometimes more than once, exposing their vulnerabilities.

Such ongoing threats have accelerated the next stage in the race to secure crypto assets. Hardware wallets are by far the safest way to protect your crypto assets, for a variety of reasons.

Prestigious French electronics manufacturer Archos has entered the crypto security battlefield with Safe-T Mini, a leading hardware wallet that will keep your crypto assets secure and protected.


Safe-T Mini: What it is

The Safe-T Mini product is a hardware wallet with dedicated safety features specifically designed to safeguard the Private Keys necessary for interacting with other wallets. The keys are safely kept offline in a secure area of a built-in microcontroller.

The Safe-T Mini is a hardware device, which means two things: it is portable (about the size of a hand chronometer, actually), and it is easy to keep away from online threats such as viruses or malicious code.

The offline aspect is key to the success of this type of devices, as there exists a physical barrier between the online environment and the Private Keys stored within.

The Safe-T Mini works by providing cold storage for your Private Keys. In other words, generating and maintaining Private Keys in an offline manner, away from the internet, ergo away from prying eyes.



Safe-T Mini: How it works

The ARCHOS Safe-T mini connects to a computer or a mobile device via a standard micro-USB cable.

After setting a PIN (with a maximum of 6 digits), the device generates a Private Key, which is stored internally and cannot be retrieved in plain text.

Every subsequent transaction is displayed on the Safe-T Mini’s screen and must be validated by pressing physical buttons. If the device is broken, lost or stolen, the holder can retrieve the Private Key through a recovery seed key.


Safe-T Mini: the technology inside

The Safe-T Mini is built on high-end specifications (for this type of device) and designed to be compatible with the most popular operating systems.

The technical specifications for the Safe-T Mini device are as follows:

  • CPU: 120 MHz ARM processor Cortex-M3
  • LCD: OLED 128x64p
  • Size: 58mm x 7,8mm
  • Connectivity: Micro USB HID 2.0
  • OS compatibility: Google Android, Linux, Mac
  • OS X, Microsoft Windows

Safe-T Mini: the company behind it

Archos was founded back in an era when consumer electronics were beginning to become widespread.

In 1988 they began life manufacturing peripherals and accessories for the Commodore Amiga home computing range. Throughout the years, the Archos catalogue has included portable storage devices, audio and radio units, media players, and in later years, video players and tablets.

Archos’ established brand name adds an extra layer of consumer confidence, and the certainty that the product will be manufactured & tested to the highest quality, and supported throughout its lifespan.


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