Will Thailand become a blockchain hub?

February 11, 2019

The Thailand government has been open to discuss regulating blockchain and cryptocurrency with several businesses. Will they fully regulate crypto? What companies are regulated and which projects are popular?

AirdropAlert interviewed Bitcoin-Addict.com, the biggest crypto news source in Thailand. 

  • How is the crypto community in Thailand?

As we manage the largest crypto community. We can say that the community here are more and more educated. Our goal this year is to let Thai people know and understand cryptocurrency. With the government becoming more and more friendly towards cryptocurrency, the vibe is very positive.

  •  What is the most popular coin/token for Thai people?

From the Website BX.in.th, number one Exchange in Thailand, 1.Bitcoin 2. XRP 3. Ethereum. OmiseGo is top project from Thailand and also very famous here. From our community, BTT and Holo are the main topics.



  •  Any Thai projects that are growing?

We have many Thai Crypto projects that are growing, such as  Zcoin and OMG. The community support of these projects are very strong. There are few interesting projects that plan to come out in 2019 such as Band Protocal and Velo, lets wait and see.

  • How is crypto regulations in Thailand?

Thai government and Thai SEC welcome cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. Three exchanges (BX, Bitkub, Satang Pro) and one broker (CoinsTH) were granted licenses by SEC in January 2019. SEC will come out with official announcement in late Febuary 2019(soon).



  • What kind of news does Bitcoin Addict cover?

Cryptocurrency news and focused on everything that happens in the crypto world. We do reviews on crypto projects, exchanges, apps, and websites. As we test everything that we reviewed ourselves, our opinion voices strongly within the community.

  • Do you believe the Thai people will integrate blockchain in their lives?

As Thailand is one of the most tech/internet friendly in the world, we believe Thai people are interested in Crypto and want to use Crypto in real life like other countries. In the near future, people will be using blockchain without knowing this is blockchain.

  • What does the Thai community think about airdrops?

Thai people were not so aware of the airdrops until early last year when many people won ONT airdrop worth over 8000 USD. After that people joined most of the airdrops we promoted, gaining a lot of free coins. However, with the current market situation, airdrops seems less interesting.

Read the recent interview with CEO Morten Christensen on Bitcoin-Addict

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