Introducing the SwissBorg Wealth App, They Are Back!

September 30, 2020


swissborg wealth app

Do you remember the Swissborg Community Airdrop? Thousand of our users downloaded the app and have been playing the Bitcoin prediction game throughout the year. As have we!

Now, Swissborg released its second app, which empowers investors to take control of their crypto wealth. Subsequently, this is also promoted with a give-away campaign which you can find here.

About SwissBorg

SwissBorg is revolutionizing asset management solutions with a community-centric approach powered by Ethereum.

Those are a lot of words.

What this means is that Swissborg community members will be able to optimize their cryptocurrency holdings with the help of the Cyborg advisors and deep learning algorithms. 

They provide investors with a transparent, diversified, and unbiased source of performance through indexed and advanced investment strategies with a competitive fee structure making it fair, safe, and accessible to invest in your financial future with crypto assets.

After completing their ICO in 2017, this is the second application they have succesfully released.

Wealth app

Some of the leading Wealth App features include:

The range of digital assets available

While the range of assets in the Wealth App is still growing, they have started with a selection of assets that have strong fundamentals, as well as representing the diversity available in the blockchain today.

From the Wealth App, investors can access:

  1. The world’s top cryptos, BTC and ETH
  2. The CHSB token, the multi-utility token at the center of the SwissBorg’s ecosystem
  3. Leading stable coins USDC and PAX Gold
  4. DeFi tokens Aave, Kyber, Compound, Ren and Dai
  5. Enjin, the future of the gaming industry

Get the best price with the revolutionary Smart Engine

Their Smart Engine scans the four leading crypto exchanges – Binance, Kraken, HitBTC and LMAX – to find investors the best price for their exchanges, all in seconds.

Beyond simply getting the best price, though, the Smart Engine allows investors to create their own fiat-crypto pairs – exchanging directly from CHF to LEND, for example, rather than having to make multiple transactions to achieve the same result.

This is all completed with absolute transparency, as investors can see the path their exchange took, along with the costs involved, with the Smart Exchange Report.

Keep assets secure with MPC keyless technology

Traditionally, smart wallets have been exposed to a single point of failure – the private key. The SwissBorg Wealth App, however, uses multi-party computation (MPC) technology to keep your data safe. 

Rather than relying on a private key, MPC works by multiple parties performing mathematical computations without one party ever revealing its secret to the others, meaning private keys will never be a concern for our users.

Make smart investment decisions with hourly asset analysis

For every asset in the Wealth App, we provide hourly asset analysis, powered by AI. 

This analysis includes our unique Cyborg Predictor, a machine learning algorithm that combines historical market data and technical indicators to make a forecast about the market’s movement for the next 24 hours, in addition to technical indicators, sentiment indicators, support and resistance and technical analysis.

Investors can use all of this to become more educated about assets’ daily movements, and find the best time to make an investment.

Earn Bitcoin rewards by spreading the word

earn btc

Investors who share the Wealth App with others can also earn free Bitcoin through our rewards program. Simply, if they refer a friend who deposits EUR 50 or more in the app, both the referrer and the referee receive a reward valued between EUR 1 and EUR 100 Bitcoin. Let’s hope you are lucky to win one of the bigger prizes.

Ready to start? Download the Wealth App here

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