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October 24, 2018


Today we introduce you to SignalAlert; they focus on multiple disciplines of crypto trading. They organize these disciplines into two frames. The first one is Position trading, it amplifies the mid-long calls which SignalAlert shares with its premium members. Besides, there are numerous options for gaining profit while trading. The second one and foremost the important of the two is called Crypto Minute Trading. Which amplifies the continuous upswing momentum. When SignalAlert decides to make a short-term call, they share it with their premium members. Interested in highly qualitative signals? Visit the SignalAlert store.

Investing and waiting for a bull in crypto is lame. In such a volatile market there is no need lag behind the facts. Every trade you’ve misplaced, every trade you’ve missed and all of the profit you’ve missed. Forget about all that. You can’t reflect your past losses to your future profits. If you do so, it could turn out into a psychological disaster. In our latest blogpost about crypto trading we have discussed a few basic techniques for technical analysis.

Trader rules

Stay calm and don’t panic.

Don’t sell too soon nor too early. Close your trades or place stop-losses.

Most important, always do your own research (DYOR)!

Diversity in trading

With over a 2000+ different cryptocurrencies and even more traders and investors moving 24/7 around the globe it is hard to keep track of the new financial phenomenon. Doing the necessary research, staying up to date and making the right orders based on technical and fundamental analysis is not simple.

That’s where Signal Alert steps in. They aim to make trading less time consuming and more profitable. With their community at the epicenter, they focus on extracting what is necessary and offer valuable concise information.  They are a Dutch-based startup with trading experience in markets such as Forex and Cryptocurrency. There group consists charters with +5 years of experience.

Signal Alert strives to become the go-to platform for valuable information with services ranging from signals to exclusive partnerships.

They gained a total cumulative profit of 679.88% in the month April of 2018. Which was after 106 signals given, in total 86 calls hit their first target and 21 reached their Stop-loss. This sums up to a total hit-ratio of 81.13%.SignalAlert

As for October 2018 till now they have given 8 Signals, which 7 of them have reached their first target. One of them is still pending. Want to find out more? Check out their free Telegram Channel


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