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Yay, Blockchain Life Awards 2018 nominated us!

Hello everyone! We’re writing to share a piece of good news with you. It finally happened. Our team has been working very hard for the past few months and went noticed by the world. We are proud to announce that we are nominated at Blockchain Life Awards 2018 under the category Best Agency for ICO Promotion. We are honoured to be considered for the award, and we wish all the other nominees the best of luck!

But now when the bets are off, we want to win and, for that reason, we really need your voice! 

Did we help you get into crypto with our beginner guides and airdrops?

Do you believe we are a vital tool for ICO promotion? 

Let’s show the world that airdrops matter and vote for!


The voting will only take 1 minute of your time

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1. Go to

2.Click on “vote” at top of page

3.Sign up & confirm your email

4.Vote for

That’s it! That was easy right? But if you are still struggling with a vote have a look at this short video! And thank you for the time and effort you took to place your vote.


The Blockchain Life 2018

Blockchain Life 2018 aims to be the biggest event in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO industry in Russia, in Eastern Europe and one of the largest in the world. The forum brings together major investors, entrepreneurs, owners of ICO projects, agencies and all those who are interested in earning and investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

About AirdropAlert is the world’s first airdrop aggregator. As the first market we had the vision to grow the airdrop ecosystem to the point it is today. You might not believe it, but when we started, the concept of airdrops was not known with 95% of the ICO’s we spoke to. Our team was cold calling ICO’s and explaining the concept and benefits airdrops will have for their community and ICO campaign.

After completing a few successful campaigns, we had a much easier life helping ICO’s grow their communities and it snowballed into the airdrop world as we all know today.

Our team is working on improving the quality of our listings by assembling a due diligence team and adding the first airdrop dashboard on the market. We are now focused on educating our own community to safely transition to the blockchain technology by writing personal beginners guides.

Final thoughts of the AirdropAlert Founder

Morten Christenson


Morten Christensen, Founder & CEO

“When I discovered airdrops, I was surprised I never heard about it before. Being involved with cryptocurrency since 2013 the concept struck me as unusual but exciting. After some short research, we realized there was a need for a platform to easily find airdrops. How else will people hear about them right? So, we did. We contacted a friend with the idea, who got excited immediately and started working on the site. We never expected it to grow into a business, but we are happy it did!

The airdrop community has been a tremendous boost for us and we are trying to repay your loyalty by delivering constant platform improvement, and of course legitimate airdrops! Thank you all, for your support, feedback and loyalty.”


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