Polygon NFTs Are Exploding In Crypto Land

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) had a phenomenal journey in 2021, contributing over $41 billion to the cryptocurrency market. To put things in a comparative perspective, the legacy art market was worth $50 billion in 2020. This is a clear sign that NFTs are fast emerging as a new form of art collectibles in a technology-driven world.

At the moment, the Ethereum blockchain dominates the NFT market, controlling over 90% of the total sales in the sector. But NFT enthusiasts are now shifting base towards Cardano and Tron to offset the limitations of trading on Ethereum. Some crypto users are also opting for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and VeChain to look for new NFT projects. Apart from these blockchains, another protocol that is creating ripples in the NFT community is the Polygon network. 

In this article, we will tell you about some of the most happening NFT projects on Polygon. But before that, let us first tell you what makes Polygon suitable for NFTs.  

Polygon: The Network For NFTs 

Polygon is popularly known as ‘Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains’ as it connects Ethereum-compatible networks and standalone blockchains into a multi-chain ecosystem. This network functions as a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, thus benefiting from the blockchain network while also working on its flaws. As a result, Polygon can facilitate 65K TPS with instantaneous block finality and negligible gas fees.

Due to the aforementioned benefits, developers prefer to build their NFT projects on the Polygon network. Crypto users also benefit from this decision as minting and trading NFTs on-chain becomes faster with low transaction charges. If this is too tempting and you wish to move to Polygon right now, we can guide you.

Follow this Twitter thread from Niftify to learn how to transfer your funds from Ethereum to Polygon via Metamask. Just so you know, the Niftify NFT marketplace supports all kinds of Polygon NFTs. 

However, we have to admit that Polygon’s attractive features have made it susceptible to some NFT scams. Malicious actors often talk about an upcoming NFT airdrop and then dupe gullible users, especially those who are new. We strongly believe that NFT holder airdrops are the safest bets for receiving free NFTs. For example, Lazy Lions holders receiving Bungalows NFTs, and Robotos holders receiving Robopets are the best ways of receiving free NFTs.

However, Polygon NFTs are so cheap due to low gas fees that they are almost free. You just need to pay for the NFT itself to get hold of one. Curious to know about some of the Polygon NFT projects? Read on!

The Top Polygon NFTs

Following is a list of some of the best NFT collections on the Polygon network: 

1] PolygonPunks

PolygonPunks are a set of 10K algorithmically generated collectibles with unique attributes like hairstyles, facial expressions and eyewear. The legendary CryptoPunks have inspired these Polygon NFTs, and they have rare Apes and Zombies in their collection. Since CryptoPunks are now unimaginably expensive, PolygonPunks provided a second chance to the crypto community to get hold of these characters. As soon as the developers launched the project in August 2021, they got sold out in just 24 hours. 

2] Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters are a collection of animated cross-chain NFTs that users can unpack from digital booster packs on Polygon, Ethereum and Binance. Each NFT is called a Polymon with rare and unique traits including colour, horns and glitter effects. Users can buy Polymons with the deflationary $PMON token that powers the protocol. Polymon holders will get access to the exclusive Play-to-Earn game called Polychain Islands and earn rewards. Users can also receive weekly rewards from staking their Polygon NFTs and farm $PMON tokens to earn yields. 

3] Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is a DeFi-powered NFT collectible project consisting of rare and adorable characters residing on the Polygon network. It was initially on the Ethereum blockchain but the project was suffering from network congestion and high gas fees. Thus the developers decided to migrate their project to the Polygon network. Each of the Polygon NFTs appreciates in value when users buy wearables for them and expands their ‘kinship’ network. Additionally, the Polygon NFT holders can stake their $GHST tokens and participate in NFT raffles.  

4] Thats Gross

Thats Gross is a collection of 4500 algorithmically generated unique collectibles with a random combination of skins, accessories, backgrounds and more. These Polygon NFT holders will have multiple benefits starting with exclusive access to the Thats Gross Club. Club members will have their own Discord servers, access to future NFT drops, and special benefits in Decentraland and Sandbox. Moreover, the Polygon NFT holders can breed their NFTs, stake their assets, play games, and participate in protocol governance. 

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