The Good People of Asia Are Collecting NFTs Right Now

While the cryptocurrency market has continued to be bearish this year, NFTs have been bullish and a center of attraction for millennial cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially in Asian countries. The hype around Asia NFTs is such that an Indonesian boy put out his selfies on Opensea that saw the highest sale of at least 1ETH for multiple photos (now NFTs). Rumor has it, that he’s made over $1 Million on the selfie collection.

Despite the ban on cryptocurrencies in China, NFT market has been flourishing as it is not considered related. Recently, a Chinese influencer and model Irene Zhao introduced her collection on the Opensea that now has 1ETH floor price and 2.3k ETH trading volume. This is not all. From restaurants in Malaysia to Miss Universe Thailand pageant, the hype around Asia NFTs is only growing. 

Google trends also shows us that the keyword “NFT’ is growing vs the keyword ‘BTC”, and in the past 3 months, it’s specifically been searched for in Asian countries.

Here are some of the growing Asia NFTs that you must check out.

1] Monfters Club NFTs

If you are ready to create a unique identity in the metaverse, Monfters are your best bet in the Asia NFT market. With unique cosmetic elements, Monfters find and bring back the treasures of the world to you. The Monfters project is believed to be run by a Singapore-based team. No further information is available on the team or founders.

With the recent airdrop of its $Mon token and the roadmap release. Things are heating up for the Monfters holders. The roadmap includes things like: whitelist club, NFT marketplace, staking, and a metaverse. Their community jokingly states it’s the BAYC of Asia NFTs.

Find a full project deep-dive here.

Monfters Club #5134

Collection Size: 8,000

Volume Traded: 3.5k ETH

Owners: 4.7k

Floor Price: 0.229 ETH

Last Highest Sale Price: 5 ETH for Monfters Club #1216 and #4674

2] PhantaBears NFTs

If there’s any hype around Asia NFTs, PhantaBears lead the conversations and the sale volume charts. Jointly launched by EzekClub and Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou’s PHATNTACi, PhantaBears are algorithmically generated NFTs that double as Ezek Club membership cards. They have unique traits that unlock different access levels for their owners.

PhantaBears PFP NFT

Collection Size: 10,000

Volume Traded: 28.0k

Owners: 5.2k

Floor Price: 2.68 ETH

Last Highest Sale Price: 148 ETH for PhantaBear #9999

3] X Rabbit Club (XRC)

Curated by Yi Shuihan of China, X Rabbit Club is a unique NFT collection with multiple traits. You can explore the collection based on the background, body, clothes, eyes, head, and mouth. XRCs offer high liquidity guaranteed by the Ethereum network and are stored in IPFS (a safe where you can always find them). It was derived from the famous emoji comic IP ‘Lengtoo’ in China, which was established in 2010.

Collection Size: 7,502

Volume Traded: 6.7k ETH 

Owners: 3.3k

Floor Price: 0.61 ETH

Last Highest Sale Price: 29.5 ETH for X Rabbit #3699

4] 8SIAN Main Collection NFTs

Inspired by a rich cultural history, Nicole (early crypto adopter) founded 8SIAN to represent women and Asia globally in the digital space. 8SIAN main collection is gaining traction for its cause among the hyped community of Asia NFTs that also brought Steve Aoki onboard. 8SIAN has also bought land on Decentraland and Sandbox to create its metaverse. 

NFT collections with women in the center are growing in popularity ever since the World of Women broke a 10 ETH floor. We’re expecting more of these collections soon and will save that content for a future blog.

8SIAN #1853

Collection Size: 8,888

Volume Traded: 3.7k 

Owners: 4.4k

Floor Price: 0.3 ETH

Last Highest Sale Price: 10 ETH for 8SIAN Chang Er Goddess

5] The Project URS 

Underground Robogenetic Survivalist (URS) is a collection of algorithmically generated unique NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Metaverse-ready URS (pronounced ‘Yours’) is a 3D animated avatar collection curated by a team of world-class Korean artists. You can jump through time and the universe with ‘Yours’ only 3D Asia NFTs. With different traits, you can enter the URS community and access free minting, merch, and metaverse.

Last week they airdropped a new collection of companions for the holders of the original URS NFT. The companions is an entirely new collection and hasn’t been revealed yet for the people who claimed the free mint.

Collection Size: 10,000

Volume Traded: 2.7k ETH

Owners: 3.7k 

Floor Price: 0.039 ETH

Last Highest Sale Price: 25 ETH for URS #5970

Asia NFTs: Leading the Trend

A survey conducted in 2021 by suggests that the Philippines (32%) and Thailand (27%) have the highest number of owners in the Asia NFT space followed by Malaysia and Vietnam. This adoption is also expected to manifold this year and Asia NFTs will lead the way. 

While most of these NFT collections have been on the Ethereum blockchain, you can also explore collections on other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Polygon, and Solana.

You can also check out these hyped NFTs of 2022. You can join their communities or explore different marketplaces to stay updated.


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