Most Hyped NFTs of 2022 You Must Check out

Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces continue to soar even in 2022 as more collectors flock in to buy the most hyped NFTs. OpenSea alone has attained trading volume of more than USD 911 million in 2022. And the trend does not seem to slow down in any way. 

Besides Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, NFT collections like PhantaBears, Doodles, and RTFKT are also getting their fair share of the hyped pie. So, here is a little glimpse of the most hyped NFTs of 2022 worth being a part of your NFT collection.

The NFT bull market is back, frens.

1] Doodles

Doodles is a unique collection of community-driven collectibles by Burnt Toast that went live for sale on OpenSea in October 2021. Every unique Doodle NFT allows its owners to vote for experiences and roadmap within the Doodles Community Treasury.

With owners like Steve Aoki and Snoop Dogg, Doodles has become one of the most hyped NFTs of 2022. No wonder its rare ‘Golden Ape’ Doodle #6914 sold out for 296.69ETH.

Doodles NFT #7805

Floor Price: 10.75 ETH
Volume: 56.6k ETH
Owners: 5.7k  
Collection Size: 10,000 

2] Clone-X

An NFT collection Clone-X by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami is another name in the list of hyped NFTs of 2022. Nike’s newly acquired RTFKT Studios and Murakami alone have managed to make it popular with this metaverse-ready avatar collection. 

With over 100 different traits, CloneX NFTs also have a special Murakami Drip property, specifically defined on the blockchain. It explains why the highest last sale price of CloneX #15920 was 289 ETH.

Close-X NFT #5975

Floor Price: 5.95 ETH
Volume: 56.8k ETH
Owners: 7.5k  
Collection Size: 20,000

3] Psychedelic Anonymous

Psychedelic Anonymous is not only a 3D NFT collection but also a supporter of psilocybin (magic mushroom) research for better treatment of mental health issues. For this amazing cause, Psychedelic Anonymous deserves to be on the list of hyped NFTs for 2022. 

Interestingly, Psychedelic Anonymous NFTs have been launched in sets of four that went live on OpenSea in December 2021. By far, the highest sale price has been 21 ETH for Psychedelic Anonymous Genesis #3699.

Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis #1805

Floor Price: 1.37 ETH
Volume: 10.0k ETH
Owners: 6.9k  
Collection Size: 9595 (each set)

4] Alpacadabraz

Alpacadabraz is a genesis collection created by artist Chuckchee. Of 19969 Alpacas, 9669 3D alpacas can be freely claimed by 2D alpaca owners as early as February 2022. With over 100 different traits, Alpacadabra NFTs will play a key role in their metaverse on Sandbox land. 

With a 2D alpaca you get the free 3D and you can play in their upcoming mobile app game. With a 3D alpaca, you get access to sandbox land and their play-to-win games. If you own both, you can get your own piece of sandbox land and create ways to earn a passive income.

It is on our list of hyped NFTs for bringing real value to the metaverse. The alpacas were released in the wild in October 2021 on OpenSea. Alpacadabra #9334 and #1876 have been captured for 15ETH each in the recent past.

Alpacadabraz NFT #6590

Floor Price: 1.099 ETH
Volume: 4.8k ETH
Owners: 3.8k  
Collection Size: 19,969

5] Alien Frens

Alien Frens is an alien NFTs collection by MasonCrowe. From a lifelong frenship with alien frens to high-quality PFP, owning 1 Alien Fren gives you a ticket to IRL events, merch, comic books, and planet invasion. You can become frens with common, semi-rare, rare, and ultra-rare aliens to invade planets.

These cute but strange creatures landed on Earth via OpenSea in December 2021 and maintained their position on the list of hyped NFTs. Highest Frenship price has been 28ETH to date for Alien Fren #125.

Alien Frens #4602

Floor Price: 2.70 ETH
Volume: 11.1k ETH
Owners: 6.0k  
Collection Size: 10,000 

6] Phanta Bears

PhantaBear (also known as Taiwan’s BYAC) is an NFT project by Taiwanese Superstar Jay Chou’s fashion brand PHENTACi and Ezek. Being celebrity-endorsed, it is the most hyped NFT of Taiwan (and Asia) that sold out its entire collection in under 2 minutes when launched in the first week of January 2022.

Dethroning Bored Apes, PhantaBears currently top the charts of trading volumes (overall). However, its highest sale price remains 148 ETH for Phanta Bear #9999, which is way less than BAYC. 

Phanta Bears NFT #1215

Floor Price: 3.70 ETH
Volume: 20.8k ETH
Owners: 5.1k  
Collection Size: 10,000 

Riding the Wave with Hyped NFTs

Along with metaverse and blockchain-based gaming trends, the NFT space is also going bonkus with total sales in the hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars (mostly on OpenSea). This is yet another list of hyped NFTs for 2022 that only seems to grow.

These projects are not limited to PFP but give exclusive or members-only access to their different events and particulars. Keep checking out this space to learn more about the hype around NFTs. Join active communities, like the BubbleGum kids, to see what the fuzz is about.

While we love collecting NFTs, make sure to keep an eye on retroactive airdrops that are based on NFT trading volume of the past. Most recently we’ve seen several airdrops like $LOOKS, $SOS, $GAS, $WTF, those reward users based on their trading volume. As always, make sure you have your assets properly secured and enjoy the ride.

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