List of the Best Crypto Affiliate Marketing Programs 2021

We love to educate our users about the ways of earning cryptocurrencies. By now, that’s common knowledge. In this article, we present an exhaustive list of the best crypto affiliate marketing programs of 2021. Our intention? To help you capitalize on the ongoing boom in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Last year, we showed nearly 15,000 users how to start earning Bitcoin with affiliate programs. But as always in this space, things change rapidly. So it’s time for an update don’t you think?

Affiliate marketing is anyway great, but with crypto, it’s probably the best. You can start earning crypto simply by referring some platform to others. So, let’s get started.   

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Certain companies and platforms pay you a commission for referring their service or product to others. This method of earning by referral is called Affiliate Marketing. 

What’s best is that you can do all this from the comfort of your home. For a given affiliate marketing platform, there’s a unique referral code. You simply have to share this code and get people to use it, either while signing up or making a purchase. If the interaction is successful, that’s it—a win-win situation for everyone.  

Top Crypto Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021

Now that you have a basic idea about affiliate marketing, let’s begin with the important stuff. The following are some of 2021’s leading crypto affiliate marketing programs. 


Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, at least in terms of the trading volume. Additionally, it also has one of the best crypto affiliate marketing programs. This in-house program adopts a Cost Per Action (transaction) or CPA model. It offers up to 50% commissions, which is definitely alluring. 


Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, with over 1 million registered users. Its robust crypto affiliate marketing program offers a 30% commission rate, with recurring payments. Commissions are paid out in cryptocurrency while leveraging in-house affiliate software. They have bonuses up to $1000 nowadays.


Kraken is another leading cryptocurrency exchange with a strong crypto affiliate marketing program. By participating, you get a 20% recurring commission as cash payment for every successful transaction. The program has a CPA model and uses the Impact Affiliate Network


Changelly is a swap-based cryptocurrency exchange that enlists over 150 coins and tokens. Its crypto affiliate marketing program is, by far, one of the most rewarding, paying up to 60% in commissions. Leveraging an in-house affiliate software, the program makes recurring payment of commissions, in cryptocurrency. 


Coinmama is a platform for buying, selling, and transacting bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Through its crypto affiliate marketing program, you can earn BTC while onboarding more customers on the platform. Apart from a 15% commission, the program is fast and highly secure. Its payout is recurring, and software in-house. 


eToro is a multi-asset trading and brokerage platform, offering financial and copy trading services to its users. As a part of its crypto affiliate marketing initiatives, you can earn $200 for every lead that you generate for eToro. The non-recurring, one-time commission is paid in cash. Further, its in-house network has provisions for CJ Affiliate. 


‘Built by traders, for traders’, FTX is a crypto-derivatives exchange for futures trading in leading cryptocurrencies, leveraged tokens, tokenized stocks, and more. Its affiliate marketing program offers 40% of every transaction as a referral commission. While the program uses in-house software, payouts are recurring. 


LocalBitcoins is a platform advertising exchange rates and payment methods for bitcoins. By referring people to this platform, you can earn 40% commissions, payable recurrently in crypto. The crypto affiliate marketing program, in 2021, utilizes in-house software for optimum performance and reliability. 

Ledger Wallet 

Ledger is a leading platform for blockchain-based security and infrastructure solution, which also has a strong crypto affiliate marketing program. For every successful referral, you get a one-time commission of 10%, payable in cryptocurrency. The program uses a combination of in-house software and Amazon Associates


KeepKey is a popular crypto-wallet, supporting currencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC, among several others. It also has a crypto affiliate marketing program, whereby it offers 25% of every referred sale as commission. The payment is one-time and is made in cash. KeepPay uses the LeadDyno affiliate software for its program. 


Trezor is renowned for providing high-tech security for managing bitcoin private keys. You can refer this robust hardware wallet to your contacts, thus earning 25% of every successful sale as a commission. The affiliate program uses the Tune Network while adopting a non-recurring commission model with monthly payouts. 


As a leading crypto-lending platform, BlockFi enables investors to earn returns and to seamlessly manage digital assets. Leveraging the Impact Affiliate Network, BlockFi’s crypto affiliate marketing program offers a one-time commission of $500. The amount is paid to you in cash, via bank transfer. 

Celsius Network 

Celsius Network is a P2P crypto-lending platform where you can get low-interest fiat loans with crypto collateral. Under its affiliate marketing program, you can earn $100 for every loan that’s purchased through your referral. As an ‘Ambassador’ on the platform, you’ll get an additional $20 for each of your referred users, when they transfer $200 and hold it for 30 days or more. 

King Billy 

King Billy is a popular online casino with games like NetEnt, iSoftbet, and Endorphina. Apart from multi-platform usability—web, and mobile—the platform has a robust crypto affiliate marketing program in 2021. By referring players, you can earn upto 50% in commission, payable on the 15th of the current month. 


Deckmedia is an online gaming services provider, with a presence across diverse platforms. It also has an affiliate marketing program that pays 45% as commission, with no negative carryovers. However, there’s a $50 threshold value, which is mostly insignificant given the possible earnings. 


CoinPayments is a payments platform where merchants accept payments in BTC and almost every other cryptocurrency. In doing so, it leverages several plugins and POS interfaces. Through in-house software, it runs an affiliate program where you can earn recurring commissions up to 25%, paid in cash. 


If you ask us, affiliate marketing is one of the safest ways to earn cryptocurrency. To help, we have provided an extensive list of the best crypto affiliate marketing programs of 2021. Select the one that suits you best—the one that, in your view, has the most generous offer. In our list, we have included exchanges, wallets, lending-borrowing platforms, and even casinos. Pick one, refer, and start earning crypto.

However, if you’re new to this space. You might want to check out the many learn & earn programs that are out there first.

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