April 5, 2024


If I have to name one ecosystem full of brand-new opportunities, it must be Blast Layer 2. One of the key opportunities is a list of Blast Airdrops. Now if you’re an avid reader of Airdrop Alert, then you must have seen the dozens of Blast Airdrops listed on the site over the past couple of weeks. We even published a blog recently highlighting a List of 10 Blast Airdrops. I hope you cooked on those! We sure did.

The industry moves fast, as do the opportunities for Blast Points, Blast Gold, and Tokens released on Blast. So today we’re back with a new list of Blast airdrops. Are you ready?

Airdrops in 2024: Complete Airdrop Farming Guide

But Wait, Safety First

In every new corner of the market, you will find scams and hacks as well. Unfortunately, one project on Blast that came highly recommended got their smart contract hacked. We even lost 5 ETH on this ourselves.

But, with a twist of events, the hacker returned the funds.

I’m talking about The Munchables project and you can read the full story here.

Just wanted to give it a small mention here, so you are aware of the risks involved in joining us in the hunt for Blast airdrops.

Part 2: List of Blast Airdrops

After our former blog that listed 10 airdrops, today we’re back with 5 recent ones. Each and every one of them is worth taking a look at. Some will require you to farm with some ETH, while others won’t.

1] Easy X

EasyX is a state-of-the-art leverage trading platform that offers a user-friendly interface, gasless trading, and up to 100x leverage. EasyX eliminates complex jargon and streamlines access to high-powered trading opportunities.

For the airdrop you simply spin for points. Find more info here.

2] Blast Domains

Blast Domains spearheads the web3 revolution with an innovative platform for digital identity and domain management, empowering users to leverage multiple web3 top-level domains such as .eth, .bnb, .arb, and .blast, all backed by Canadian Venture Capital, Proof Of Human.

We got AirdropAlert.Blast, and while we hold the blast domain we earn Blast points and even Blast Gold. Learn more about this opportunity on Airdrop Alert.

3] Juice Finance S2

Juice Finance emerges as a groundbreaking Cross-Margin DeFi platform on Blast L2, offering users up to 300% USDB leverage for enhanced yields across the ecosystem. It combines lending & borrowing, and yield farming for a comprehensive and optimized DeFi experience.

You can still claim Season 1 Airdrop in case you forgot about it.

It’s a great protocol to farm multiple airdrops at once. Combine it with some other protocols on Blast.

Head over to our listing page for all the information.

4] Wasabi Protocol

Wasabi emerges as a trailblazing hub, seamlessly integrating asset-backed derivatives to provide a secure and lucrative environment for users to explore both traditional trading and advanced NFT options strategies, enhancing profit potential.

Study the airdrop details here.

5] Thruster x HyperLock

Thruster is a yield-focused DEX that provides comprehensive tools for token launch and growth, establishing itself as the central liquidity hub for leading DeFi and NFTFi projects on the Blast L2.

Hyperlock is a meta-governance and yield protocol built on Thruster, designed to enhance rewards and governance through veTHRUST aggregation, effectively boosting user returns.

We actually kept our $PAC season 1 airdrop, created a PAC/WETH Pool on Thruster and then staked it in Hyperlock. This way we farm 3 airdrops at once. Tripple dipping.

Check more here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not on Blast yet, you probably need to consider allocating some funds there. Amongst Airdrop farmers it’s often referred to as the 8-figure opportunity in crypto right now. Obviously, this is for the farmers who play with more capital. But even for small fish, you can stack good wins over here.

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If you’re farming more airdrops, check out these 2 lists on Social Media Activity Airdrops and BSC Airdrops.

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