Don’t Fade This List of BSC Airdrops

March 13, 2024


Today, $BNB silently broke the $600 level, nearing its all-time high of $675. The excitement in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem is growing, so it’s a great time to dive into the BSC Airdrops.

Like every other Chain, BSC has its own set of opportunities. But unlike all the complicated layer-2 airdrop campaigns, which often require capital (like the Blast Airdrops). The BSC Airdrops mostly focus on social media engagement. Which is great for airdrop farmers who are short on cash. They are easy to join, and who knows, you might get to learn some good people in the communities.

Airdrops in 2024: Complete Airdrop Farming Guide

List of BSC Airdrops for Q1 2024

Are you ready to dive into the best BSC Airdrops of this moment?

Get some coffee, put on your reading glasses, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy.

1] AANN.AI is revolutionizing digital interactions by harnessing advanced AI and neural networks to create a platform that prioritizes social authenticity across both web2 and web3 spaces, rewarding users for their genuine contributions while setting a new standard for trust online.

The ecosystem is powered by the $AN token, rewarding users and fostering a vibrant, trust-based community, emphasizing privacy, user sovereignty, and a dynamic rewards system, thus making it essential for creating a sustainable environment where authenticity thrives

You can earn some $AN by completing quest, and get a pre-sale bonus. Find more info on AirdropAlert.

2] Rexx Coin

Rexx is a dynamic blockchain ecosystem designed to foster blockchain adoption in gaming, finance, news, and supply chain through a cutting-edge series of advanced decentralized tools: ReXXpay, ReXXchain, ReXXplorer, RexxVerse, ReXXchange, ReXXpress, and ReXXconnect.

Ensuring top security and trust standards, Rexx has been rigorously audited and KYC-verified by BlockSafu, achieving an exceptional 100% trust score. 

They have completed a couple of Airdrop campaigns already. Check out their latest here.

3] KTX.Finance x Mantle is an innovative decentralized platform on the BNB Chain and Mantle Network, specializing in derivatives and social trading. Its unique KLP Pool allows up to 100x leverage, promoting capital efficiency. Liquidity providers benefit from trading fees, while traders enjoy reduced swap fees and counterparty risks.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements on our airdrop listing page.

4] NuriTopia

NuriTopia – by NuriFlex Group – is more than just a platform; it’s an immersive ecosystem that encourages exciting adventures and genuine connections within the vast expanse of the Metaverse. In this captivating realm, personalized avatars engage in dating and socializing, navigating a world where geographical barriers blur, allowing relationships to blossom organically from mutual respect and shared interests.

NuriTopia forges a new path in the Metaverse and sculpts an unprecedented social landscape that blends gaming, shared experiences, and meaningful bonds. The future of dating and socializing is here and it is yours to explore and enhance. 

Start Farming this airdrop with us.

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5] Motorcoin

Motorcoin is committed to transforming the automotive industry through blockchain tech, enhancing trust, and improving the customer experience within the motor trade ecosystem.

Key Features include a vehicle ownership verification system, smart contracts for streamlined sales, maintenance tracking, tokenized vehicle financing, and an auto parts marketplace.

You can join this one with some easy social tasks.

6] Acet Finance

Acet.Finance emerges as a transformative force in digital finance with its innovative Financial Protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, featuring automated yield farming that simplifies DeFi participation, propelling individuals and businesses into the heart of the global digital asset economy’s expanding opportunities. 

At the core of this innovative platform is $ACT token, embodying market stability and financial empowerment through alignment with Acet’s automated farming protocols. Users have the opportunity to passively earn rewards, as the ACT pool offers up to 678% APY on Acet.Finance.

A fairly easy step-by-step guide has been published not too long ago.

7] Masa Finance

Masa Finance is reshaping web3 identity management with its innovative Soulbound Token (SBT) protocol, securely encapsulating user data across both digital and real-life scenarios.

Users can earn $MASA tokens by contributing data to the network, which developers use for AI training and building innovative applications, all within a privacy-preserving framework.

After a few social tasks, you can mint your free Masa SBT and earn tokens with referrals.

Final Words on BSC Airdrops

There you have it. A list with 8 BSC Airdrops you can farm today. When you focus on just one ecosystem, it is easier to keep stacking the free tokens in your wallet. Small wins every week add up when we reach the end of this bull.

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