Crypto airdrops for dApps – 3 success stories

January 30, 2019
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Everything ready for the launch of alpha? What about your audience?

Without quality leads to try your product, your team will ultimately have time and money poured down the drain.

But you know about it already. The centralized world has gotten to the bottom of it some time ago and come up with an idea of marketing.

So in the traditional world the traditional marketing techniques work… But it’s less efficient when unorthodox projects like dApps promote themselves along the same line.

Being something special, they need a special approach. And you know what? Good news!

For any dApp, there exists a more disruptive way to reach out to the innovative minds.

So, what is this disruptive way?

Crypto airdrops are new. They are as young as blockchain and yet, together with dApps they are like two peas in a pod.

With a heavy emphasis in token economics, engagement rate on social media, beta-testing and the audience interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency airdrops have helped multiple dApps bring their businesses to the new level.

These 3 projects have already conducted crypto airdrops

BRD Bitcoin (BTC) wallet, or what a dApp can accomplish with an airdrop




BRD is an easy-to-start crypto wallet for iOS and Android that stores users’ funds in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

End January, the company announced it has raised $15 million in Series B funding. It means that investors bet on the company’s growth in the near future.

How did BRD achieve that?

We know for sure that in April 2018, they have conducted the exclusive airdrop. It was of course just a part of their marketing efforts, but still a part.

According to our stats, before their airdrop in April, BRD had 0-2K subscribers on their socials.

Now, they have accumulated more than 41K Twitter followers and almost 28K Telegram subscribers, ending 2018 with clients in over 150 countries and 500,000 downloads on GooglePlay.

The VITE blockchain, or what kind of dApps can conduct an airdrop


Vite is a DAG/dPOS based blockchain with one-click token issuance and smart contract capability. It is a fast payment network without fees and a dApp platform.

They use a more powerful smart contract language than Ethereum’s solidity and call solidity++.

The competitive advantage of this blockchain over the other ones is the asynchronous architecture that allows for ultra-high throughput and scalability.

Guess what they do every 24 hours?

As the part of their marketing efforts, every now and then they give away an uncertain amount from 10 VITE tokens up to 1000 VITE tokens.


They run a crypto airdrop campaign. And to claim that airdrop, users will have to download their iOS app, The Vite wallet.

Singhor what a crypto airdrop for dApps looks like


Singh is a mobile dApp that rewards users for posting and voting original artwork, photographs and even memes.

In comparison to popular social media platforms, the dApp helps users get rewards for high-quality blogs and photos.

Those rewards, Singh credits, a user can later exchange for Amazon Gift Cards or Singh Tokens.

To claim the Singh airdrop, you will need to go to the project’s web page, click on “subscribe now to get your airdrop”, insert your email address and confirm the subscription.

When the dApp is released, all the participants will receive the email with a link to download and install the app on their Android devices.

While setting up the account with the app, they will have to add their Ethereum address, choose a campaign on the network, submit the original picture and vote the other users’ pictures.

10 days after the voting ends, airdrop hunters will receive airdrop Singh tokens.

Is crypto airdrop a good fit for your dApp?

At the end of the day, airdrops are just a gamification element.

The statistics, though, shows good results when it comes to businesses that have applied the technique.

As an illustration, the SAP community network increased usage of their reputation system by 400% simply because they had brought in the element of gamification.

So, should you or should you not do the same and conduct a crypto airdrop?


  • For the one, airdrops might help you reach out to the right people.

Think of the Bitcoin wallet BRD.

The team has grown the number of their subscribers on Telegram and Twitter after their crypto airdrop and then landed $15 million in Series B funding.

  • Besides, crypto airdrops speak the mother language of your dApp, the language of token economics.

For example, the Vite blockchain is airdropping a little bit of tokens now and then, to show to quality leads what their ecosystem is capable of.

It’s like a trial period with any other product on the web.

  • Last but not least, the mechanics of every airdrop is easy to adopt.

Just like the Singh team has done, you might want to create a simple sign-in mechanics on your website for leads, and then distribute tokens to their wallets when they try your dApp!

They will be happy to tell their friends and family about your platform if they like it. So make sure you conduct your airdrop in a correct manner.

That being said, if you’re looking for a pod for your peas, add a gamification element to your marketing campaign and conduct crypto airdrops.


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