Father Airdrop is giving away

December 14, 2018

Ho-ho-ho, boys and girls, you’ve been good this year, and Father Airdrop wants to give you a Christmas present for being such a great community.

Seriously, you’ve taken part in multiple airdrops, learnt so much about all new ICOs, transacted to exchanges manifold ERC-20 tokens. So I, Father Airdrop, solemnly ask you this.

Has anyone told you how brave you were while exploring all these new airdrop & bounty waters? While carefully sorting wheat from the scam? Or simply trying to figure out all these BTC/ETH/LTC wallets?

Do you realize how cool it is to just trade tokens on decentralized exchanges, convert them to ETH, send to Coinbase and withdraw to your credit card?


Just for your information, jeez, for half of the planet these things look like pure magic, because they have no idea what Father Airdrop is talking about right now.

But you know, so be proud. Be proud of yourself! Because here, at AirdropAlert.com, we’re proud of you.

So, we thought, what would be the best reward for such a great behaviour, rather than the native airdrop from our company? No social tasks, no joining Telegram channels, no nothing!

Because, in fact, you have already done everything. You’ve already registered to our dashboard and completed the Civic KYC – hurray! This means you will receive our airdrop automatically.

Airdrop reward is 1000 SNTR and it will be distributed in January 2019. But if you want to earn even more tokens, complete the airdrop form to receive your unique referral link and earn 200 SNTR for every referral!

Wait? What? You haven’t done it yet? No worries! To take part in our airdrop will not take much of your precious time – the time you should spend with your family and friends!

With love, 

Your Father Airdrop

For more questions about the AirdropAlert Giveaway, please check our FAQ


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