Solana Meme Coin Season with $BOME & $NICK

March 15, 2024


Solana’s price has been popping since last week’s blog, where we discussed it breaking $150. And with the excitement around $SOL, we now see the Solana Meme Coin ecosystem exploding.

It seems like every hour a new meme coin is trending on Dexscreener, while X is full of Solana meme coin shills, memes, and TA graphs.

In essence, it’s a lottery, but you have fun with it. You buy the right Solana meme coin and start joining the fun on social media with jokes, memes, and trolls. And if you have the right one, you might turn $100 into 1 Million Dollars. Or at least, that’s the dream.

Today, we’re looking at 2 of the most recent meme coin surprises.

2 Crazy Solana Meme Coins

By now, we all know $BONK and $WIF. Both these coins have conquered the hearts of SOL enthusiasts and solidified their position in the top 100 market cap of all cryptocurrencies. Quite impressive if you ask me.

Will the next 2 coins, that started this week, have a godlike run?

1] $NICK – Choose Rich

I Choose rich! You might have seen the new catchy tagline on X. Famous NFT influencer Nick, posted a picture on a Yacht with his friends and said “This is who you’re trading against”. This went viral and got heavily meme’d by the community almost instantly.

Since that happened, he has been on a vlogging spree with comedic videos of a luxury lifestyle, which he always ends with “I choose rich”.

He is going viral in a unique way and even made it to the likes of Business Insider and CBS Television.

Of course, it caught the attention of the Solana meme coin community and a new coin $NICK was born.

On the 11th, $NICk found the volume and traction and blew up from 0.01 to 0.08 in a day. Since then it has been retracing. The sharp reader can spot my personal buys, sells, and rebuys on the graph.

The meme coin is currently sitting at a market cap of 14M with 11k unique holders.

Nick has a unique character and is highly memeable. The catchphrase “choose rich” is viral already. Will $NICK find a way to catch momentum again for the next run-up?

You can trade it on Dexscreener, BirdEye or Jupiter. If you use Jupiter you might qualify for some airdrops this year. Like recently Wormhole airdropped to Jupiter users.

2] $BOME – Book of Memes

Only 2 days ago, $BOME was born. In its short time on the planet, it has shown us tremendous strength and uponly power.

The meme coin is currently sitting at a market cap of $49M with 46k unique holders.

The BOME team raised funds by offering a “pre-sale”. You basically send SOL to a dev and you get tokens at launch. This is a meta we saw a couple of months ago, and is extremely risky. Most of the projects won’t launch and blatantly rug you. So stay safe if you’re considering degening into this black hole.

The Book of Memes (BOME) has been showing up with great edited Pepe editions of memes. It even caught the eye of OG NFT artist Beeple, who dedicated an artwork to it.

And even as young as it is, the Solana meme coin has found its way to Bybit. You can even trade it on leverage there. Although, trading a meme coin on leverage is highly volatile and I would advise against it.

I personally sold this one way early, I’m too embarrassed to even name the exit price. I’ll be waiting on a healthy dip to find an entry. As it’s already on Bybit, there will be enough volume and swings to find a position I’m comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, meme coins are almost like lottery tickets. They can go to Zero in a blink. None of our content is financial advice, we’re just here in the trenches like the rest of you and report of things that stand out to us. So make sure to do your own research, and use proper risk management when gambling on Solana meme coins.

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