Memecoin Mania in Every Ecosystem – SOL / AVAX / ARB / INJ

December 21, 2023

It’s that time of the year again when the Memecoin Mania kicks in. If you have a token, and you put a picture of a dog, cat, or frog on it, it’s your time to shine!

While we discussed the fundamentals of trading earlier this week, memecoins is a completely different type of crypto trade. You buy a coin because you think it’s funny and hope for that 1000x return. Zero fundamentals, plain old fun, and gambling.

But, needless to say, at some point the music stops. So if you are having fun buying these dog-themed coins, make sure to take profits!

With the crypto sentiment becoming more bullish, we see several ecosystems thrive, and memecoins get people’s blood pumping fast. So let’s dive into several chains and check out the memecoin mania there.

Solana – $BONK kickstarted the Memecoin Mania

Recently, we covered the immense surge of $BONK. The Solana memecoin, which airdropped 50% of the supply in 2023, reached a whopping market cap of 1 Billion dollars. After listing on exchanges like Bybit and Coinbase it started the memecoin mania on Solana and other ecosystems.

Other Solana Memecoins

Usually, degen money rotates. So the gamblers started looking for the next big meme coin? Which led to an influx of new coins. A couple that stood out to us are:

  • DogWifHat ($WIF)
  • Samoyedcoin ($SAMO)
  • MYRO ($MYRO)

The best place to get into these coins is usually a Dex. For a Solana Dex, you can check Atlas, or Raydium. And who knows, you might even farm some airdrops while you are memecoin gambling.

Avalanche Memecoin

While the $AVAX price has been rising, so has the ecosystem. Inscriptions, NFTs, and memecoins are being called in alpha groups all across the internet.

Currently, the biggest memecoin on Avax is COQINU ($COQ).

With a market cap of $161 Million, it has room to grow. However, this is only true if the memecoin mania and Avalanche continue the current trend.

You can buy them on AVAX dex’s like Trader Joe, or on a CEX like Kucoin & Bybit.

Arbitrum Memecoins

The Arbitrum ecosystem is lagging behind on the memecoin mania. Will it ever take a shape or form like it does on other chains?

There are two memecoins on $ARB that you want to pay attention to. One of them has a picture of a cat, the other one a dog. Both fit the profile of a potential memecoin runner when the Arbitrum community decides to FOMO.

  • Nola ($NOLA) – Market Cap $12 Million
  • ArbiDoge (ADOGE) – Market cap $4 Million

Check out SushiSwap if you want to place your bets on these coins.

Injective (INJ) Memecoin Mania has Started too

Last, but not least, we have a look at the Injective Ecosystem. This particular chain has been naming new millionaires over the past few months. With the price and TVL rapidly growing, traders, airdrop farmers and now memecoin gamblers are printing fresh $INJ in their wallets.

The first memecoin on Injective Protocol is $NINJA. It’s a dog, but he has nunchucks. So logically, people ape it. It’s market cap is currently sitting at $26 Million. Not too shabby for a ninja.

Another option for an INJ memecoin is Kira the Injective Cat ($KIRA), with a market cap of $10 Million.

You can purchase these ones on the Helium Dex.

As of today, there is an Airdrop for Snowy on Injective as well. Check how you can claim your free INJ memecoin here.

Final Thoughts

We stated it numerous times in this blog, memecoins are the closest thing to gambling you can get in crypto. However, if you place the right bets, you may realize your dream to buy a Lambo overnight.

Only recently, memecoins have been pumping on other chains than Ethereum. We all know the good old Dogecoin ($DOGE), Shiba Inu ($SHIBA), and Pepecoin ($PEPE) on ETH. Each coin did a 100x in a different market cycle. So the trend right now is to find that next memecoin for the upcoming cycle. Will it be $BONK or any of the others we mentioned in this piece?

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