Avalanche ($AVAX) Price Action Leading into 2024

November 30, 2023

AVAX, the crypto superstar, is knocking on the door of $20.65 – a level that’s like the bouncer of a VIP party. Will it get in and dance the night away, or will it be left outside in the crypto cold?

Picture this: $AVAX is like a party animal ready to break free. If it can flip $20.65 from a barrier to a dance floor, we might just witness a wild 70% rally, with $AVAX showing off its moves up to $35.44. Talk about crypto salsa!

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Let’s Dive into the $AVAX Chart

But wait, there’s more! AVAX could go all out and hit the weekly resistance level at $40. That’s like reaching the VIP section of the crypto club – the ultimate party destination.

Now, if the Avalanche bulls can’t defend $20.65, it’s like AVAX forgot its invitation. The bullish excitement might fizzle out, and we could see a 22% correction to $16.16. Party over?

AVAX has been on a rollercoaster – a 186% rally from September 25 to November 13. That’s like the crypto version of a winning streak. The $20.65 hurdle, the party pooper of the past, finally got a taste of defeat.

This breakthrough gives hope to AVAX holders. It’s like the DJ just played their favorite song, signaling that the uptrend is the real deal. If AVAX stays above $20.65, get ready for a 70% rally – the kind of jump that leaves you catching your breath.

Don’t leave yet, there’s more! $AVAX could aim higher, hitting $35.54 for an 87% gain. It’s like the crypto party got an unexpected encore, and everyone’s loving it.

Now, here’s the punchline. If AVAX slips up and can’t hold onto $20.65, it’s like the dance floor suddenly got slippery. The bullish vibe goes down the drain, and we might see a 22% correction. Nobody likes a party pooper, right?

Final Words

So, is $AVAX the life of the crypto party, or will it be stuck outside? Keep an eye on that $20.65 – it’s the bouncer’s call!

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