Get Ready for The Next Bull, This is What you Need!

August 29, 2023


Next Bull get ready

Bitcoin just pumped to $28,000 after news that the SEC lost another lawsuit vs Greyscale. On top of that X (formerly Twitter) got a license approved for Bitcoin Transactions on the popular social media network. Are these the signals we were waiting for to get the next bull started?

Ask yourself, if the next bull starts today, are you ready?

Don’t worry, AirdropAlert is always here to guide you along the way. Whether that’s with spotting trends or providing guides. We got your back.

So let’s run a checklist of the things you will need to capture the bull market’s full potential.

1. Set up Wallets

Duh! Quite the obvious statement.

But I don’t mean that you should have 1 Metamask, or 1 ledger that has your crypto. No, you need to be ready on multiple chains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and more.

And U will need to set up multiple wallets of each for safety purposes. We don’t want you to click a sus link and get drained.

Wallets to set up:

Whether you’re trading altcoins or NFTs, all these wallets will be useful for you. Who knows, maybe Metamask will finally do their 2-year anticipated airdrop. Probably not, but a man can dream.

So when you set up these wallets, make a different one for different purposes. You would want separated accounts for:

  • Trading (NFTs or Altcoins)
  • Airdrop Farming
  • Minting (high-risk wallet)
  • Burner (super high-risk wallet)
  • Storage

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

2. Create & KYC your exchange accounts

airdrop trading

During a bull market, crypto exchanges usually have big queues for verification. They have to deal with the influx of millions of new sign-ups in a matter of weeks.

But guess what, if you try to verify on an exchange today, it’s a piece of cake. So even if KYC’ing feels counterintuitive for blockchain native folks, if you want to trade on the big exchanges you just gonna have to bite the bullet on it.

Most exchanges will have bonuses when you sign up, so make sure to check their rewards center for deposit bonuses or trading competitions. Here are a few that you should look at today and get verified!

  • Bybit – $30,000 in started rewards, credit card available.
  • Binance – Top 3 largest exchange in the world
  • Bidget – Attractive Rewards Center with Deposit bonus
  • BingX – Up to $5000 deposit bonus and Mystery Boxes
  • Nexo – Instant credit lines with crypto collateral, trading app, and credit card available.
  • Gate IO – Trusted exchange with many altcoins

3. Learn how to Bridge

What is a cross-chain Bridge? Well, the trusted site Investopedia explains it in detail. My short definition is: “A cross-chain bridge enables an exchange of information, cryptocurrency or NFTs from one blockchain network to another.”

It’s important to learn how to use them for Airdrop Farmers and DeFi traders.

Here are 4 bridges I’ve used recently:

4. Educate Yourself About NFT Lending Before The Next Bull

One of the NFT verticles that has been gaining a lot of volume over the past year is NFT lending.

Owners have been taking loans using their NFT as collateral. If you have some liquidity, you can take advantage of this by lending to NFT owners at decent APRs. Platforms like NFTfi or Arcade are leaders in the space. However, the currently most hated platform Blur also added the option to give loans to NFT holders.

It’s a good way to earn passive income, and if the borrowed money doesn’t get paid back, you get the NFT.

Currently, both NFTfi and Arcade have Airdrops coming for people who use it. So farm away!

5. Follow Trusted Traders/Active People in the Space

Rule number one, Avoid the shillers & larps. Don’t get trapped in the fomo when you see all these “influencers” shill the same shit project. We see it in every bull market. Influencers fill their pockets, while the investors get left holding worthless coins or jpegs.

Curate the people you follow on X or other social media platforms.

Here’s a short list of people who don’t shill to get you started:

6. DCA into the Next Bull

Did you start DCA’ing yet? It’s not too late.

DCA basically means you’re not trying to catch the exact bottom, but you want to buy the average price for a period of time. Right now is the perfect time to start with that. (No NFA of course).

How to do it? Just create an account on one of the exchanges I mentioned above. Set a timeline you want to buy at, maybe once per week for a few months, maybe even once per day for a few weeks. And start executing that strategy!

You can’t start the next bull market of crypto with 0 crypto in the wallet, can you?

7. Check Old Wallets For Funds

I might be captain obvious over here but don’t forget to check all your old wallets to see if you have any funds left.

You might be surprised what you can find.

It’s like going through your old clothes and checking your pockets, sometimes you just find money there that you didn’t even know about.

Personally, I always have a few ETH left spread across different wallets of a previous bear market. So go on a little scavenger hunt and I hope you get lucky!

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