How to make an ETH transaction for the first time

December 15, 2018

We’ve already covered where and how you can buy ETH for the first time ever. In fact, Coinbase and CEX.IO turned out to be very beginner-friendly. So, let’s say, you’ve bought your first small fraction of ETH from Coinbase. Now, what?

It’s time for it to travel from one address to another!

Yet, this is your very first transaction, that’s why we’ll take a very small amount of money and send it to an online client.

Honestly speaking, an online client is not the safest place to store your money, yet,  it’s a good way to start if you’re an ultimate beginner.

Important! => ETH and ERC-20 tokens are not the same, and if you’ve got an ERC-20 token, you should probably go to the website of the token issuer, to look into information on the wallets that can receive it!


With so many ETH online clients out there, it’s so difficult to pick one, but we must choose something.

Two of the most popular options are:

You can always go for MEW, an online client the community has warmly embraced, but for the demonstration purposes here we’ll use MetaMask.

We have already covered the foxy client before, and will assume that you know how to install it. If not, just read this blog and come back.



Now we’re good to go.

Let’s send your ETH to an online wallet

Just click on three little dots at the top right corner and, then, on “Account Details”.

metamaskAddressThe long string of letters and numbers you will see in the new window is your public address, the address you will need to transfer money from Coinbase.


What is a public address? You can find out from the other blog we’ve written.

Go back, finally, to your Coinbase account and press two of the following buttons.


Image courtesy of Skrilla Esports Fantasy

Insert your MetaMask public address into the box, specify the amount of ETH you want to send and, finally, push the “Send” button you will see down below!


Now, confirm your transaction and…


…be patient!


ETH will land in your MetaMask account in 10-15 mins!


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