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You may have heard of the forum ‘BitcoinTalk’ , it’s a forum where everything related to Bitcoin and Altcoins is discussed by anyone over the world. The forum dates back to 2010 where supposedly Satoshi Nakomoto himself wrote posts. Promotions and trades are also a daily activity in the Marketplace section.

You may have heard of ‘Bounties’, which is a promotional duty you can carry out where you will be rewarded in the Tokens of the ICO project you are promoting. Signature bounty is quite common, however, the higher your rank is, the higher the reward, which bring us to the purpose of this blog; explain how the rank system works.

The ranks and the required Merit and Activity are shown in the table below.

BitcoinTalk rank requirements

Bitcointalk Merit

A merit is a reward given by another Bitcointalk user to your post if it is interesting and useful. The other user does so by using up the sMerit. For each sMerit the other user sends to you, you receive one Merit at the same time 1/2 of the amount as sMerits.

Existing accounts prior to the implementation of the Merit system, received 100% of the merit required for their rank.

Bitcointalk accounts with ‘’Merit Source’’ enabled, receive Merits continuously. They support the community by finding posts that stand out in quality and thus deserve merits, which are then assigned.

By making constructive, informative posts, you can earn Merits. Aside from the Merit requirement, there is also the Activity requirement.

Bitcointalk Activity

Activity is gained by making posts. Which is determined by the following formula: Activity = min(time * 14, posts). The variable time is the number of two-week periods in which you’ve posted since your registration. The min operator chooses the lowest value between the parentheses. So if you have posted once a day for a period of two weeks, the outcome is 14, but if you posted twice a day for two weeks (=28), the outcome is still 14 as one period of two weeks has passed only. The activity is updated automatically.

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