BearDrops – The Best Bear Market Airdrops

September 3, 2023

We’re deep into the bear market days. Are you feeling the pain? So do we. Good thing that even in bad times you can find ways to earn crypto, like with airdrops, or let’s call them beardrops.

We’re here today to help you navigate the different options you have to stack some ETH or BTC. Get ready for that next Bull and take your last shots at those bear market airdrops.

Start Farming Defi Airdrops

The best way to earn in a bear market are Defi Airdrops (you can find them here). Farming these can make you 5 or even 6 figures. But, let me warn you. It’s the most difficult one.

With DeFi airdrops, you usually have to “test” or use a brand-new protocol or network. In return, they reward you with a token airdrop after a period of time. Usually, it’s not guaranteed but we’ve seen it happen many times. Examples of big DeFi airdrops are Uniswap, ENS, and 1INCH. More recently, Optimism and Arbitrum.

Don’t be afraid if you need to learn how to bridge, or provide liquid to pools. You have to be brave to navigate in this corner of the market.

Today is actually a great time to farm. To use protocols and networks it most often requires you to pay gas fees. You can imagine in a bull market these fees are way higher. And it’s not even guaranteed you get an airdrop. Therefore, right now is a lot better to farm with low fees.

$USDT BearDrops on Exchanges

Everyone likes a bonus, don’t we?

The great thing about exchange bonuses is that they are usually in $USDT, not a speculative altcoin that could potentially crash to 0.

Crypto Exchanges usually offer a variety of rewards and bonuses. Just to name a few:

  • Sign up Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Referral Bonus
  • Learn & Earn Programs
  • Complete Quest Bonus
  • Trading Volume Bonus

You get the jist of it.

The exchanges usually have a referral center or page with all the options. It changes every month, cause they have to stay relevant. But here are a few you can sign up for, Actually, sign up at all and go collect your $$!

The Trend is Your Friend

You never really know where to find the best beardrops, until everybody is talking about it. Often enough, when that happens you’re too late. If you make sure you are in the right groups and follow the right people, you might catch the next trend early.

Nowadays, a few different things are trending.

  • Memeland has a $MEME airdrop coming
  • is trending all over X as the new web3 social media platform.
  • Everybody is spamming $Tip for a potential Airdrop.
  • Ordinal NFTs on Bitcoin were Hot in early summer and might do another run sooner or later.
  • The Layer2 Solution Base from Coinbase is gaining traction, we need to do an article about that before it blows up.

Casino Bonus Farming

Now the last, and I certainly would advise not to use this one, are Casino Bonuses.

Similar to the exchange rewards, the crypto casinos have all sorts of rewards and bonuses to get you to sign up, deposit and play. The trick is obviously to get you to keep playing. But they can’t force you!

So if you have a strong mind that can simply hunt casino rewards, without unnecessary gambling, then here are 3 options for you.

  1. Rollbit

Stay Safe

Last Chance for BearDrops, Soon BullDrops

The market is still bleeding sideways and down, as we recently highlighted with $APE coin. That doesn’t mean you just sit on your hands and do nothing.

There is plenty of opportunities out there if you keep your eye out. I hope we managed to inspire you a little with this blog. We’re almost at the end of this downtrend. Don’t give up.

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