Award Pool: NFT Rewards Platform For Digital Engagements

The brands and content creators who wish to connect with this digital generation need to innovate on their engagements. For the netizens with an attention span of just 8 seconds, one needs a community-oriented, entertaining, and rewarding marketing campaign. This can be possible through gamifying the campaigns and rewarding users with NFTs for participating in these brand promotions. Award Pool lets you do all this and more.

Award Pool: The Engage & Earn Platform

First things first. Before we go deeper into the Award Pool story, it is important to know what the platform is about.

Award Pool is an integrated, easy-to-use platform for companies and content creators to design unique gamified campaigns for their audience. These campaigns consist of interesting games, contests, and challenges for the customers and fans. The project provides all the necessary engagement tools to create NFT rewards for all the participants. The rewards consist of collectibles, creative expressions, moments, rare experiences, as well as fungible gifts. It is these rewards that help the brands and creators develop a loyal community with their consumers and followers.

Another thing that makes Award Pool stand out is its environment-conscious, eco-friendly philosophy. The platform uses the carbon-neutral Celo blockchain for minting NFTs, thus ensuring greener, cheaper, and faster transactions. 

The ‘Origin Story’ of Award Pool

Now that you know what Award Pool is, you must be curious as to how it all started. Believe it or not, it all began as a family project during the COVID-19 Lockdown. 

Reuven and Brenda Cohen, based in Toronto, Canada were about to open an E-sports training facility when the pandemic struck. They were forced to rethink their business plans, and develop something that could be accessed from the confines of the home. With three young kids in the family, the Cohens decided to develop something engaging for them. Thus was born the idea of the Award Pool. 

Meet The Team Behind Award Pool

As we mentioned in the previous section, Award Pool germinated and grew up within the Cohen household. While Reuven developed the architecture for the platform, his son Finnegan helped him design the chat system. At the same time, Brenda made an elaborate business and marketing plan with their older son, Sam. The youngest of the Cohens, Isla, contributed to designing the platform logo and the website. 

However, they also had to take the help of Alex and Ahmad to get things to the next level. Following is a brief outline of their positions at Award Pool and specializations: 

  • Reuven Cohen: Co-founder, CEO (Expert in Cloud Computing)
  • Brenda Cohen: Co-founder, VP Marketing and Communications (Experienced marketer, creative director, and technical writer)
  • Alex Falconer: Co-Founder, CFO (Professional Chartered Accountant)
  • Ahmad Al Jamal: Co-Founder, COO (Former E-Sports Executive)
  • Fitz-John Flynn: VP Business Development (FinTech and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur) 

Important Development

In June 2021, Award Pool received funds worth $2.8 million CAD from more than fifty investors. Some of the top contributors to the platform included FunFair Technologies, Equivesto, and Flori Ventures. The project now intends to use these funds to bring in some more exciting projects on their platform. 

This is Your Chance to Earn NFTs

As you can see, Award Pool is scaling new heights with each passing day. But you must be asking, “Why will I use Award Pool? How will it reward me?” The answer is simple. You stand to win NFTs when you engage with your favorite brands and content creators on the platform. 

These NFTs will help you get closer to your companies and celebrities. However, you can also sell them on the marketplace and earn money from these transactions. Do not forget to get your hands on some free NFTs as well. Follow our page for detailed instructions.

Award Pool Sponsorship WSOP Poker Player

If you follow the world series of poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, you might see our CEO Morten Christensen at the tables of the Main Event. If you look closely, he will be wearing Award Pool logo’s on his clothes, as they are the main sponsor for his entry into the event. It’s a partnership that benefits both parties and we wish Morten the best of luck to win the tournament.

You can learn more about this partnership on Morten’s personal blog on And you can find a poker NFT giveaway from the partnership on

Are Platforms Like Award Pool The Future? 

We began our article with the shift in marketing strategies in the age of the internet. As we conclude, we would like to revisit that point. The future resides in the metaverse. Thus, food chains like Wendy’s are organizing digital ‘food fights’ on Fortnite as part of their promotional campaigns. This is because the metaverse holds the potential to revolutionize marketing once and for all.

In this scenario, it is platforms like Award Pool that will allow customers to meaningfully engage in the metaverse. As more people embark upon a digital retail experience, Award Pool’s unique challenges and NFT rewards will pave the way forward. 

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