5 Ways to Build a Strong Crypto Community

In the cryptocurrency world, community is one of the most important assets you can have. Unfortunately, most startups doesn’t recognize and often underestimate the power of a strong crypto community.

Although a formula for building successful communities doesn’t exist, there are some ways you can use speed up the process. Since here at Airdrop Alert we have a lot of experience with building communities, we decided to help you out. In this blog post, we’ll show you 5 ways to build a strong crypto community. So, let’s dive in.

Create a story around your brand

Storytelling is a powerful way to build relationships, connect with people, and attract members to the community. Stories can give a human voice to your brand and capture the attention.

For example, Elon Musk and his company Tesla are the masters of storytelling. Musk’s presentation for the Tesla Powerwall is an excellent example of a vision and business goals translated into a compelling story. Check it out and see yourself.

Grow social media following

Although there are plenty of social media platforms, you don’t have to be active at all. You should focus on platforms that fit in your overall marketing strategy and help you to grow your following. So, how do you do that? You can start by defining your target audience and potential members of the community.

Engage with the members of your crypto community

Remember, keeping the community engaged is a constant, ever-evolving challenge. It’s more than just throwing out a couple of posts, tweets, or notifications from time to time.

So, how you can engage with the community members? For starters, you can create high-quality content that people will comment on and debate about. You can conduct airdrops and bounties to reward them. Monitor the comments, suggestions, and questions. This way, you’re not only engaging the community, but you’ll get members to believe in your vision.

Include influencers to share your vision with the crypto world

Crypto influencers are well-known people who are passionate about cryptocurrency/blockchain and have a large audience. This large and active audience is the main reason why you should consider including them to help you to build a community.

For example, Apple recently revealed that the company doesn’t use ads often to promote their new devices. Instead, they focus their marketing efforts on two strategies: product placement and the hype influencers create with positive reviews.

Include ambassadors to your community

How can ambassadors help you to build the community? For starters, crypto ambassadors can work with the community, organize community events, and spread the word about the project on your behalf.

Some crypto/blockchain startups such as Lumeos, Chaincreator, and TOP Network already recognize the importance of ambassadors. That’s why they’ve included an ambassador Program in their marketing strategy.

Final thoughts

A strong community is the foundation of a successful startup. You can have a great product/technology, but without people supporting and using it, you’ll lose the game. Building a startup isn’t only about technology, it is also about dealing with people.

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