Tron (TRX) acquires a blockchain app store Coinplay

The Tron foundation and its founder Justin Sun are full of surprises.  After Tron (TRX) aqcuired BitTorrent early this year. They are now making new moves in the blockchain industry.

Coinplay is the latest addtion to the TRX family. What can we expect?

BiTtorrent Airdrop round 3 will be on April 11th 00:00 UTC, only for Tron holders.

To grow you must acquire


As per today, TRX is # 11 in marketcap, which is more than enough cash flow to acquire the blockchain app store Coinplay.

Allegedly Coinplay is the first store for blockchain apps.

With the new add on, TRX plans to grow the adoption of blockchain apps and dApps by aggregation it on one platform. Sort of a one-stop-shop for blockchain apps, like Airdrop Alert is a one-stop-shop for airdrops.

TRON (TRX) x Coinplay = Appdrops?

tron and coinplay

As the previous acquiring of BitTorrent was followed by a wave of airdrops, trading competitions and giveaways, we will keep a close eye on this project to see if you can claim some free tokens! With the seemingly strong relations Justin Sun has with Asian Exchanges, we hope to see support from their sides if there are future promotions.

A new trend seems is arising with airdrops for blockchain apps (appdrops), and we wonder if that is part of the Tron strategy by adding Coinplay to their portfolio.

Whatever happens, its obvious that Tron is making moves!

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