Nexxo Token (NEXXO) review

Nexxo airdrop is worth 4205 NEXXO tokens (~$ 3.5), and you will receive 2241 NEXXO tokens (~$ 2) for every referral. But, probably, you already know it. In this piece, we will talk about how the Nexxo blockchain is about to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enjoy banking products without collateral, 3 years audited financials, guarantees and proofs of revenue.

I want to start a small business, how is that a problem?

Say, you’ve got a small patisserie in the Baker Street, and Mrs Hudson visits every morning to buy a couple of cakes for her tenants. You are happy to help her but there comes the day when the old lady brings the credit card instead of cash, and this is where you’re done. Because you don’t accept credit cards.

Now, there might be several reasons why you don’t accept credit cards, but, probably, it’s just because the bank didn’t want to sign a contract with you. How so? Easy! Large bankers prefer to service corporate clients, because they have low risk profiles – they, not you.  You don’t have any collateral assets, you cannot reach the threshold of low risk and profitability per account, you don’t have credit history, you have neither significant deposits nor audited financials.  Yet, is it still possible to grow a business under these circumstances?

These guys from are saying there is a solution!

Yes, they are arguing that this little Nexxo smart terminal is about to accept all the VISA, MasterCard and American Express transactions.

The back office operations are running on the blockchain technology, namely, IBM Hyperledger, to track all the transactions, convert amounts of money to the points and later send them points to the private accounts. Now, you can either exchange those points for fiat on the trading venues or send them to your Nexxo card.

Nexxo ICO

Token: NEXXO; PreICO Price: 1 NEXXO = 0.00083 USD; Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat; Soft cap: $10 mln; Hard cap: $44285714; Restricted area: USA; Pre-Sale Date: October 31st 2018 – December 1st 2018; Public Sale Date: December 1st 2018 – December 31st 2018

Extra perks

Nexxo is using a permissioned blockchain, which allows them to maintain local certifications with local central banks as well as meeting security and confidentiality requirements by partner banks and international schemes such as VISA and MasterCard.


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