Kucoin vote – September 2018

September 29, 2018



KuCoin’s Second Vote is now live: Vote and join the $40.000 SQR giveaway for the Kucoin vote.

The voting ends on Sep 30, 18:00 (UTC+8), so make sure to cast your vote before that.

There exists three types requirements for the Squeezer vote; social, Kucoin & voting.

Kucoin voting instructions

1) First begins the easy part. Join Squeezer Telegram channel & Kucoin telegram channel.

2) Sign up on Kucoin exchange if you do not have an account yet. Make sure to verify your email, activate 2FA for your own security. Next step is to buy at least 1 KCS which you need to hold for 1 week, otherwise your vote does not count.

3) Now it’s time to vote!  Click @kucoin_official_bot and send it a message with /start , the bot will give you all the instructions  automatically. Fill out the fields that the bot sends you in the private chat. Full instruction is here. Last but not least
fill out the Google form to take part in the giveaway!


Why you should vote

Even more if Squeezer wins Kucoin vote (1st place only), they will distribute $40,000 in SQR tokens to all voters until the total amount of 40K is depleted. One lucky voter will win $1000 worth of SQR tokens.


NOTE: Each account gets one vote per KCS with a maximum of 1000 votes per account. So, the more KCS you have, the more weight your vote has and the more reward you will get! Make sure you keep the KCS in your account for at least for 7 days after the competition is finished
Squeezer Exclusive airdrop distribution was delayed due to community vote, they are waiting for a strategic time to start the distribution. Which is beneficial for token sustainability and the community.

Furthermore AirdropAlert.com endorses Squeezer in this Kucoin Vote. We wish every contended good-luck.


Bitcoin (BTC) $ 66,631.85 2.75%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 3,194.29 1.47%
BNB (BNB) $ 599.70 2.79%
Solana (SOL) $ 157.32 6.74%
Pepe (PEPE) $ 0.000007 14.78%
Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.159609 0.94%
Shiba Inu (SHIB) $ 0.000027 0.47%
Injective (INJ) $ 28.67 1.36%
Sei (SEI) $ 0.664728 8.91%
TRON (TRX) $ 0.111443 0.66%