Dive into Testnet Airdrops: The 7 Best to Farm

February 19, 2024

Testnet airdrops are freebies in the crypto world! Instead of giving out tokens on the main network, cryptocurrency projects toss them around on a test network for users who help test. Kinda like a Stunt Pilot trying out a new airplane model.

Recently, we received a rewarding airdrop from ZetaChain for using their testnet. And it reminded us, how this is a great way for you to earn in the upcoming bull market. You don’t need any capital to airdrop farm this, as the testnets have no real value yet and are free to use.

Airdrops in 2024: Complete Airdrop Farming Guide

What are Testnet Airdrops?

Curious to know more? Here are the key points you need to understand about testnet airdrops:

  1. Free Tokens, Anyone? Testnet airdrops are exactly what they sound like – free cryptocurrency tokens distributed on a test network.
  2. Testing, Testing, 1-2-3: Test networks are where all the action happens before a project goes live. They’re like a playground for developers to test and ensure everything works smoothly.
  3. Spreading the Word: Cryptocurrency projects use testnet airdrops to stir up excitement and encourage users to join the testing process.
  4. Win-Win Situation: Testers get free tokens, and projects get invaluable feedback. It’s a win-win scenario!
  5. Bug Bounty: Finding bugs and security issues early on saves time and money down the road. Testnet airdrops help projects identify and fix these problems before the big launch.
  6. Building Communities: New projects often use testnet airdrops to gather a group of enthusiasts around their ideas, creating a vibrant community from the get-go.
  7. For the Veterans Too: Established projects utilize testnet airdrops to experiment with new features and updates before rolling them out on the main network.
  8. Tasks Galore: To participate in a testnet airdrop, you might need to complete simple tasks like downloading a wallet or joining a Telegram group.
  9. Limited Supply: A finite number of tokens are usually available, so not everyone who wants to join the fun will get a piece of the pie.
  10. Fun and Educational: Testnet airdrops offer users a playful way to dive into blockchain tech while earning some crypto.

List of Best Testnet Airdrops to Farm Today

Each and every one of these has been vetted by our team. One pro tip is to keep using the testnet over a longer period. Some won’t qualify you for one-time usage. So log back in every once in a while and complete a transaction.

Let’s get started.

1] Zircuit L2

Zircuit is a cutting-edge zero-knowledge Ethereum Layer 2 rollup redefining web3 standards with its full EVM compatibility and unique zkEVM architecture on the Bedrock framework, offering faster, cost-effective transactions through sequencer-level safety measures and efficient processing.

Find the complete Airdrop Steps here.

2] Eesee

Eesee is a gamified digital asset marketplace platform that blends Polygon and Chainlink technologies to streamline trading in NFTs and RWAs, allowing sellers to define ticket quantities with ease, and offering buyers the opportunity to acquire valuable assets at affordable prices.

The Airdrop guide is on our main site.

3] Tea Protocol

Tea Protocol is a pioneering decentralized framework that revolutionizes recognition and compensation for open-source software developers, seamlessly integrating with major software package managers and featuring a Proof of Contribution algorithm to ensure fair rewards and nurture a sustainable open-source environment.

We walk you through the steps on Airdrop Alert.

4] Overlay Protocol

Overlay Protocol emerges as a groundbreaking decentralized platform on Arbitrum, facilitating trading across diverse markets with non-manipulable data feeds and eliminating the need for traditional counterparties by pioneering a unique liquidity model that allows users to trade directly against the protocol itself.

More information on this testnet Airdrop is over here.

5] Pike Finance

Pike Finance is a next-generation, natively multi-chain money market revolutionizing DeFi with its Universal Liquidity Protocol, enabling seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending of native assets and eliminating the need for token bridging and wrapped assets.

Follow our Airdrop steps.

6] Particle

Particle is a groundbreaking crypto protocol, on Blast, enabling permissionless leverage trading for any token. It allows direct borrowing from AMMs like Uniswap v3, enhancing capital efficiency and security without the need for price oracles.

More projects on blast will be featured in an upcoming blog. You can find the Airdrop details on our page.

7] Term Structure

Term Structure is revolutionizing decentralized finance (DeFi) with a cutting-edge fixed-income protocol powered by zkTrue-up, a bespoke zk-rollup solution. This innovation redefines peer-to-peer lending and borrowing by offering fixed interest rates to counteract volatility and inefficiency in current DeFi markets. It integrates primary, secondary, and repo markets for seamless, secure trading of fixed-income bond tokens, enhancing liquidity and price discovery.

The How to Join can be found on our page, like usual.

Final Words

In a nutshell, testnet airdrops are a nifty promotional tool for cryptocurrency projects. They help in drumming up interest, refining the project, and fostering communities. And for users, they’re a delightful journey into the world of blockchain, sprinkled with free tokens along the way. So, keep an eye out for those testnet airdrop opportunities – you never know what treasures you might unearth!

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