Iuliia Sukhomlinova

  The Hague - Rotterdam A blockchain enthusiast and a content writer at AirdropAlert.com. My final goal is to help readers find what they need, understand what they find, and use what they understand appropriately. Favourite mystery - Satoshi Nakamoto, favourite crypto - Bitcoin (BTC), favourite airdrop - BRD.


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Masternodes? Smells like free crypto!

In this series, we have partially described how you can get hold of free crypto in sundry, non-conventional ways. Together with making money on airdrops...
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Earn free cryptocurrency while staking coins

In this piece, we’ve mentioned a few interesting ways to earn free cryptocurrency. Along with mining or lending coins, you can make money on...
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The market is low? Time to get some free cryptocurrency!

The crypto market reached a new low this weekend. Is it a good time to earn free cryptocurrency? Ethereum is back to $100, and...
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Crypto Market Update week 47 !

The cryptomarket shook everyone this week. With new Bitcoin lows of $3600 we have reached the lowest point this year. This Monday morning we...
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Smart contracts – are they really smart?

In 1996, Nick Szabo came up with this interesting idea that was called a smart contract  As you can tell, the guy was feisty...
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What is a crypto airdrop?

Blockchain.com is airdropping $125 mln? You’re kidding me, right? If anyone has ever doubted what lurks just beneath the idea of crypto airdrops, with the...
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ICO is easy, STO is hard

Knock, knock. Who is there? STO. STO who? STO the game changer, to kill off ICO Breath in, because this is the list of...
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The story of crypto in 10 words

If you have come across funny abbreviations and memes you couldn’t get your head around, this piece on crypto lingo is for you! HODL...
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My girlfriend hasn’t completed KYC. Is she considered to be a criminal?

So, your girlfriend, let’s call her Alice, has earned some crypto. She’s part taken in ICOs, exchanged tokens on the trading venue platforms, joined...
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On Bob, on Alice, and a pair of keys to their relationship

This time there would be no witnesses. This time there will be just the dead earth, a rumble of thunder and Bob sending Alice his...
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